Dec 28, 2020
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Olga Buzova with her lover are trying to conceive a child

Olga Buzova with her lover are trying to conceive a child

The 34-year-old singer Olga Buzova admitted that she could not wait to get pregnant.

The performer of the hit “Little Halves” is preparing for major changes in her personal life. Olga realized that she was ready to devote time not only to her career, but also to raising children. The singer intends to give her boyfriend David Manukyan her first child. Buzova hopes that she will have a daughter.

I would like an heir or an heiress. So that everything goes to the princess, my girl. I started thinking about it often“, – said Olga.

Buzova stressed that pregnancy for her is a meaningful step. The artist approaches family planning with all responsibility. The star looks forward to the joyful expectation of the child.

For the first time I will have such a wonderful period as pregnancy, motherhood. This has never happened in my life, and it’s so exciting! ” – Olga shared her emotions.

Olga Buzova -
Olga Buzova –

The host of the Dom-2 show has been happy with David for a year and a half. Buzova likes to feel like a princess next to a caring boyfriend. Lovers have quarrels. However, they learned to negotiate with each other and resolve conflicts without dramatic consequences.

Instadiva is outraged by the fact that many consider her romance with Manukyan to be fake. “These are real feelings, I want to keep them, protect them. I would never be in a relationship if I didn’t love a man. There were no PR stories and PR novels in my life“, – said Olga.

The singer does not limit her lover’s freedom. Buzova does not pester her boyfriend with jealousy, as she is confident in her attractiveness.

The artist said that she does not use photoshop. Olga considers herself a lover of naturalness. The presenter claims that the secret of her perfect photographs is in the right angles. “In terms of figure, I never change anything. I am the way I am“- concluded the star in an interview on PeopleTalk TV.

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