Dec 31, 2020
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Olga Buzova with a false chest starred in the New Year’s edition of the show “Evening Urgant”

17:27, 12/30/2020

The program was recorded in the Italian retro style.

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This night, Channel One viewers will see the New Year’s release of the Evening Urgant show. On New Year’s Eve, the program will delight you with a festive release shot in the Italian retro style. Ivan Urgant & Co will welcome guests of their studio in eccentric costumes. However, all those present will also try to surprise the hosts with their appearance.

Judging by the footage from the filming, Olga Buzova especially tried. The 34-year-old TV star, whose breast size is constantly discussed in the media and social networks, decided to demonstrate how she would look with a magnificent bust. On the set, Olga appeared with a fake breast and instantly attracted attention.

It is worth noting that Olga Buzova herself claims: she is absolutely satisfied with her forms. According to the singer, only once did she think about breast augmentation – after a painful divorce from Dmitry Tarasov. Allegedly, a football player, being married to a TV presenter, persuaded her to go under the surgeon’s knife. Dmitry himself, however, denied the words of his ex-wife, noting that he was pleased with her figure.

Olga Buzova with a false chest starred in the New Year’s edition of the show “Evening Urgant”

Let’s remind that the previous two years on New Year’s Eve show “Evening Urgant” was transformed into “Blue Urgant”. “Recently it has become unpopular to say that you watched TV on New Year’s Eve. Once loved by the whole country, the wonderful genre “Blue Light” for some reason loses its positions every year. We have undertaken a difficult mission – to make this genre stylish, relevant and modern. We invited our friends, young, talented, fashionable, advanced artists, to make a completely unusual show that would meet the requirements of young people, first of all, ”Ivan Urgant explained the idea.

The guests of “Golubiy Urgant” were artists best known to a greater extent to the young audience: Ivan Dorn, Monetochka, Little Big, Grechka, Feduk, Antokha MC, Danila Poperechny, Ilya Sobolev, “Bread”, Evgeny Kulik, Alexandra Bortich, Irina Gorbacheva, Malbec ft. Suzanne and other actors, musicians, rappers, bloggers.

Shot from the filming of the New Year edition of the show “Evening Urgant”

The concept of “Blue Urgant” was built around the nostalgia for the stage of the 1990s, in connection with which the choice of repertoire, clothing style, interiors and all sorts of details were made in the style of that time. Not all viewers enthusiastically embraced this theme of the TV show – some saw in “Blue Urgant” not a parody, but a mockery of the traditional “Blue Fire” and Russian pop stars.

The episode was soon removed from YouTube. Some users suggested that it was due to a table on which obscene words were laid out in confetti. This information was not officially commented on. Nevertheless, the release of the objectively kind “Blue Urgant” can be viewed on the website of Channel One.

Shot from the show “Blue Urgant”

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