Nov 14, 2021
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Olga Buzova was publicly insulted by Yana Poplavskaya


Yana Poplavskaya compared the presenter and singer Olga Buzova with a monkey.

The artist was outraged by the fact that Olga Buzova was going to sue the Moscow Art Theater. We will remind that earlier the singing presenter was notified by SMS that the play “The Singing Georgian” was removed from the theater program, and the star, according to her, was not paid more than 400 thousand rubles for the two previous appearances on the stage.

In her instagram, Poplavskaya speculated about why Olga Buzova appears everywhere and everywhere.

Sometimes all this makes me sarcastic: if you take a monkey and show it in the same way as Buzov, interview this monkey, then it will become the most famous primate in Russia. This is how the Overton window works. All this destructively affects the brains of people.“, – wrote Yana Poplavskaya.

Yana Poplavskaya
Yana Poplavskaya

The actress does not understand why Buzova was invited to the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, because according to Poplavskaya, Buzova “cannot connect even two words.” Yana also noted that she was “sincerely sorry” for the singing presenter.

Now Buzova is an incredibly rich woman, but money does not solve anything: when a person is not in his place, they play no role, do not bring happiness, satisfaction. Therefore, Buzova is a common noun. Youth is a passing thing. The moment will come when a person will face his own insignificance“, – added Poplavskaya.

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