Oct 21, 2021
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Olga Buzova walks with an old iPhone


The presenter and singer Olga Buzova admitted that she spends money on projects.

The ex-presenter of “DOM-2” earns good money, but sometimes she spares money for herself. But Olga Buzova is used to delighting loved ones with expensive gifts.

Olga is ready to spend a lot of money on creativity, but she sometimes saves on personal needs.

The dearest, by the way, my song – never said that – “Take me.” Only the track costs more than a million. No recording, no mixing, no mastering. Therefore, of course, the costs are high. But again, I repeat, I have no regrets. I regret clothes, some things … I, for example, have an old iPhone, I don’t buy a new one. What for? I will buy new ones for my sister and her husband, because we have a tradition – on New Year’s, I always give them new phones. I don’t need a new phone, the old one works – okay. I’d rather put these 200 thousand in costumes“, – admits 35-year-old Buzova.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

Today, the TV presenter is literally snapped up, her work schedule is scheduled by the minute. At the same time, Olga admits that she herself selects images for certain events, because she does not have a stylist.

I have great taste. I, as a person who grew up in a modest family, in childhood, in my youth, knew how to combine something. Sewing, pasted hearts on pants, constantly compensated for the lack of a large wardrobe with some kind of lure. When they ask me – Ol, what do you think is in trend? – The trend is what suits you. The trend is that you sit wellt “, – says the blonde.

Buzovoy, according to her, really likes the style of Victoria Beckham, she is also crazy about the appearance of Hayley Bieber and Jennifer Lopez.

“V Lopez has no plastics. Yes, there are wrinkles, but this is the case when a person has matured beautifully. The secret is simple – self-love. Plus she goes in for sports, dances. And she is happy. The most important rule for a girl is love. If she loves – and I’m not only about love for a man, I mean love for her profession, her work, children, friends, family, dancing – then she will be beautiful all her life. It’s not about age at all. Therefore, of course, there are women, girls whom I admire, but there is no one whom I would personally set as an example for myself and copy“, – said Olya in an interview with” KP “.

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