Feb 18, 2021
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Olga Buzova spotted in the brother of a mysterious man

A month ago, Buzova broke up with David Manukyan with a brawl, allying on the network showing confirmation of the return. At the same time, Olga was recently “caught” dancing with the newly made gentleman.

Olga Buzova spotted in the brother of a mysterious man

After Olga Buzova’s scandalous farewell to Dava, some netizens find confirmation that the scandalous reversal was a fake, the purpose of which was to draw attention to the astral couple.

Telegram-channel “Secular Chronicles” recently published a notice with two cards from the accounts of the stars. One – Olgina, where she poses with her mother, the other – Manukyan, made from a video frame in which he receives a kutenok from the breeder’s hands. The authors drew attention to the fact that the same car appears in the background in both pictures.

In the same channel, news appeared earlier that Buzova was dancing at a party with a certain Alexander. According to the real key, he works with the Chechen wills, and they have long-standing friendly relations with Olga.

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