Nov 13, 2021
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Olga Buzova spoke as a woman with the former David Manukyan


Karina Cross admitted that she maintains a relationship with the singer and presenter Olga Buzova.

The artist broke up with David Manukyan after a year and a half of relationship. The singer was upset by the breakup, which is still hard for her to remember. The performer could not hold back tears, speaking of separation. It turns out that the rapper is no stranger to breaking girls’ hearts. Earlier, Karina Cross was in Oli’s place.

Karina Cross actively helped David Manukyan develop his blogging career. There were rumors that there was even a love relationship between them. However, as soon as the rapper began to gain popularity, communication quickly ended. The stars parted without a scandal, but not without mutual resentment. Many say that the musician simply used the talent of his beloved for promotion.

The same conversations appeared when Dava began to meet with a more famous person – Olga Buzova. The performer of the hit “Little Halves” did not pay attention to gossip, showing the public only the bright sides of their union: luxurious gifts, travel, romantic evenings …

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

Therefore, the separation of the stars was a big surprise for everyone. After all, on top of everything else, Buzova accused her boyfriend of treason and domestic violence. Parting is only part of the troubles that have rained down on the singer since the beginning of the year: scandals with the theater, a quarrel with Guberniev …

29-year-old Karina Cross admitted that she supported the artist during a difficult period. “We saw each other and visited each other,” Cross clarified. – What happened? I can’t tell. “

Kostya Pushkin, host of the YouTube show Night Contact, could not resist joking: “Who had an overdose? Let’s start with this. ” The blogger hastened to refute the unpleasant suspicions. “No, no, we are like a woman … I just had to talk“She laughed.

The comedian said that Karina did not disclose the details of the mysterious conversation in vain, because Buzova had long been accustomed to increased attention and discussion of her personal life. “I do not want to refer to those people who say anything about Olya … What happened? Everything is fine with us, I’ll tell you later. They chatted like a woman. We both felt bad. Each of them just broke brooms! It was necessary to decide the question of what to fly to the Sabbath“, – Cross ironically.

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