Apr 7, 2021
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Olga Buzova spoke about the scandalous trick at the “Heat” award

Olga Buzova spoke about the scandalous trick at the

The presenter and singer Olga Buzova admitted how she treats jokes about her personal life.

The Heat Award, which took place this Sunday, turned into trouble for Olga Buzova. The fact is that the star acted as a presenter together with Ksenia Sobchak and Philip Kirkorov. During the event, the artist was constantly asked about her relationship with Dava. As a result, Buzova, having worked with dignity, fled backstage in tears.

How many beauties in our world who are unhappy. And sometimes you look at a girl … It seems that there is nothing special about her, okay, good. But she loves herself and accepts. Thanks to this, she becomes a gorgeous woman. Ksenia is a gorgeous woman, but she still needs to learn from female solidarity. I do not take offense at her, because this is her profession, show business. I have been in show business for 17 years and am amazed every time. But this is my path, I chose it, so every time, like a tin soldier, I continue to move on“, – said Buzova.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

The TV presenter is also not offended by Philip Kirkorov, who constantly made fun of Olga during the “Heat” award. Moreover, Buzova is sure that they are very similar to the king of the pop scene.

We trust people very much. And now we live in a world where many people are trusted.“, – concluded the artist at the premiere of the cartoon” 100% wolf “.

Olga always reacts very emotionally to any attacks against her. Questions about her ex-boyfriend David Manukyan are painful for the singer, since she is still going through a love drama. At the same time, the artist was never shy about her tears. On the contrary, Buzova is sure that it is because of her sincerity that the fans love her so much.

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