Oct 15, 2021
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Olga Buzova spoke about the ideal of a man


Presenter and singer Olga Buzova in an interview spoke about toxic relationships.

The artist has been burned more than once in matters of the heart. The performer of the hit “Little Halves” admits that in the future she will most likely make mistakes, because she falls in love with her heart, forgetting about life lessons. However, fortunately, the artist has enough strength to eventually get rid of the abuser, even if she continues to experience feelings.

At the beginning of the year, 35-year-old Olga Buzova again crashed in love. The artist broke up with Dava with a scandal, accusing him of violence and treason. Therefore, the public is now watching with particular interest the personal life of the performer. So, Irina Bezrukova asked which men are attracted to the singer.

I fall in love with my heart, ”the blonde sighed. – Neither wealth, nor status, nor height, nor nationality – does not matter. And all those lists that I made for myself about the ideal man break if there is love. But, unfortunately, not every man will be able to make a harmonious company to his woman. Men begin in the majority – not all – to compete, envy and, even worse, do not rise up, but try to lower their partner to themselves. This is a very big problem not only in love, but also in friendship. I exclude from my circle people who lower me to themselves“.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

The singer cited an example of an unpleasant incident, which quickly made it clear – in front of her is not the person who can become her life partner. “We are sitting in a chic restaurant, let’s say I need to go to audition at 7 in the morning. A friend will say: “Ol, it’s time for you to sleep.” It’s even better if my man repeats the text with me. And the other will say: “Come on, what are you! Let’s sit still! ” These are the people who pull me to themselves, who do not care about my early rise … I am exaggerating now, but I had such situations. And I was reeling-reeling until I understood – there will no longer be such people in my life“- said the blonde.

The star admitted that she dreamed of spending many years with each lover, but everything ended in failure. Moreover, the singer found the strength to break off the relationship, even if she still had tender feelings.

You can part with love. I had it like that. When love brings you pain … Now I will cry … I don’t want to … But I just feel pain very often“, – she said in the YouTube show” Beginning “.

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