Aug 26, 2022
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Olga Buzova smeared Dmitry Tarasov


Presenter and singer Olga Buzova spoke harshly about her ex-husband.

Recently, Dmitry Tarasov said he was ready to make peace with Olga Buzova. turning a blind eye to the scandalous breakup in 2016. Then the footballer cut off all ties with the host. She, in turn, does not want to hear anything about Dmitry Tarasov.

You denied me and our love so much for the last six years, saying that I was a mistake in your life. And also, let me remind you, he poured mud on me from the very beginning of the parting, hacked phones, published personal photos and videos, insulted me, paid for publications that discredited my honor.

You’re right, you can’t hold a grudge against me, because it wasn’t me who cheated on you, it wasn’t me who took away the donated car from you, it wasn’t me who took away your house, in which a huge amount of my love, soul and money was invested. It was not me who kicked you out of our common apartment onto the street at the moment when I could not walk after the most difficult operation, thanks to which we could become parents”, – 36-year-old Buzova opened up on her personal blog.

Dmitry Tarasov - photo from the archive -
Dmitry Tarasov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

According to rumors, the athlete cheated on Olga with Anastasia Kostenko, who is now his wife. The couple desperately deny this fact, assuring that they got together when they were free from a previous relationship.

Today Dima and Nastya are raising three children – daughters Milan and Eva, son Alexei. Recently, rumors have often circulated about Tarasov’s infidelity, but Kostenko is not going to pay attention to this.

Two weeks ago, they attributed to me a mistress Marina or Maria … In general, I hear about it for the first time! They constantly want to catch me on something, they want to ruin relations in my family or just to promote”, – 35-year-old Dmitry Tarasov was indignant.

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