Jan 30, 2021
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Olga Buzova sang about farewell to Dava at the “Evening Urgant”

Olga Buzova remembered on the air to Ivan Urgant in his show and shared her feelings about parting with David Manukyan. She did not say anything, but simply sang.

Olga Buzova sang about parting with Dava at the

The host of “Evening Urgant” began to spin Buzova on a story about her union with the blogger Dawa in the Maldives. Olga said that she and her beloved were “painted by the butler”.

By this, she indirectly confirmed the version that the marriage was fake. However, she did not respond to Urgant’s question about the reasons for the farewell soon after the ceremony.

Buzova said that she was not ready to discuss this. And she sang a song by Alla Pugacheva about a strong woman who was left alone and crying at the window.

In response, Urgant said that Olga is really big and that she will survive this whole situation over time.

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