Jun 5, 2022
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Olga Buzova said that she was not ashamed of her relationship with David Manukyan


Presenter and singer Olga Buzova spoke about the dramas in her personal life.

Olya’s romance with Dava lasted about a year. The whole country watched the happy lovers. It would seem that this is the person who will heal the artist’s wounds after a painful breakup with Dmitry Tarasov. But this union was doomed to a scandalous break.

Only now Olga can say with confidence that there is no trace of her past experiences. But the feelings of the artist were so strong that she helped her companion to arrange a career, supported in everything. Thanks to her, Dava made his way into the star party and acquired numerous useful acquaintances. Fans believe that he used Buzova for personal purposes, and when he got his own, he abandoned it.

I’m not ashamed, it’s part of my life – I understand that very well. And today my heart does not hurt, so to speak. Then I fell in love again three years after the divorce. And then she got another big heart injury. You love, fall in love and devote yourself to a man – and you are again broken off, let’s say so. But I’m not afraid of relationships. I just realized that I still have to be at the epicenter. I need it”, – said the 36-year-old artist in the Internet show “Light around the world”.

Olga Buzova - photo from the archive -
Olga Buzova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Apparently, the singer has cooled down and no longer feels anything for her former passion. Previously, she admitted that she misses Dava. Today Buzova believes in love and confidently looks to the future. After experienced quarrels, deceptions and scandals, the star is again ready for a relationship. Note that Dava often arranged surprises for his beloved, gave gifts, indulged in treats, called affectionate words, and even dedicated several songs to his chosen one. Buzova bathed in care, love.

But a year ago, the star said unpleasant things about her man. According to Olga, Dava insulted her, raised his hand and cheated on her. The ex-lover of the television personality himself denies all accusations. He believes that the union broke up due to the difference in characters: “We realized that we were not on the way“.

If Olga’s heart is still free, then the 29-year-old musician recently began dating Marie Kraymbreri. The couple carefully hides their relationship.

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