Dec 29, 2020
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Olga Buzova said that she plans to write another book about her life

09:19, 12/29/2020

The artist wants to tell in a new work about the events of a difficult year for her in 2020.

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Olga Buzova is known as the reality TV star “Dom-2”, TV presenter and singer. However, 14 years ago, the artist declared herself as a writer, having released four books since then about her life and work. Today, the TV personality announced that she plans to start creating another memoir.

As Olga noted in the Stories section of her Instagram microblog, the book will be dedicated to the events of 2020, which turned out to be difficult for her. On December 18, it became known that “Dom-2”, to which she devoted 17 years of her life, was leaving the TNT channel. In the recording of the last episode of the show, Olga could not hold back her tears, I remember the long history of television. In addition, this year, the artist was injured in training in the Ice Age show, fought haters who leaked her phone number to the public, worried about her younger sister who had a stroke. On New Year’s Eve, Buzova, together with her boyfriend David Manukyan, nevertheless decided to arrange a long-awaited vacation for herself.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova at the airport before flying to Male

As David said two weeks ago, they were going to spend the New Year holidays not in Russia, but in the Maldives. He admitted that Olga was tired of constant filming and a frantic pace of life. “I’m leaving for a well-deserved rest, but I’m always in touch with you, we will always sum up and congratulate each other on the holidays,” Buzova shared in her microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given unchanged – Prim. line.).

Already when boarding a flight to the capital of the Maldives, Male, Olga admitted that she plans to write a book about recent events that have significantly affected her life. The singer complained that the finale of the year turned out to be especially difficult for her. Olga, who has been working since the age of 14, said the dramatic changes in her career added stress to her.

Before leaving for rest, Olga spoke about her plans to write a book

Recall that Olga Buzova’s bibliography already reads four books that she wrote in the period from 2006 to 2016. During her life in the project “Dom-2” the artist released three opuses: together with her former lover Roman Tretyakov – “A novel with Buzova. The story of the most beautiful love ”,“ Romance with Buzova. Love online “and a separate” It’s in the hairpin. Tips for a stylish blonde. ” In 2016, Olga wrote the book “The Price of Happiness”, the plot of which was the TV presenter’s confession about herself and loved ones. Memoirs Buzova composed as soon as possible – in two months. It is noteworthy that the TV personality tried to make the book original. For the paper version, the artist developed her own fragrance in Germany, with which the pages of “The Price of Happiness” were impregnated.

Olga Buzova with her book in 2016

We add that, according to Olga, this trip to the Maldives is their first vacation with Manukyan since the beginning of the pandemic. As you know, last New Year, the couple, who announced their relationship in December 2019, met in Courchevel. There, the newly minted lovers went skiing, visiting local attractions and visiting expensive restaurants. In the first days of January this year, Olga went straight from snowy Europe to tropical Thailand, where David joined her a few days later. On the fabulous island, lovers rented a luxurious villa. Moreover, every day Buzova and Manukyan dined at the best restaurants in Phuket. According to some reports, the rest cost them 100 thousand rubles a day. After the publication of the fabulous spending, rumors spread that Buzova herself had paid for the luxurious vacation. David Manukyan sharply refuted these speculations, stating that not a single girl in his life paid a dime for him.

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan in Thailand in January 2020

However, this time such rumors are hardly possible: for a year of relations with Buzova, David made great progress in his musical career. In July, the musician covered “Black Boomer” by rapper Serega, in August – he recorded a joint hit “Rolex” with Philip Kirkorov himself. And yesterday a new video for the song by Buzova and Manukyan “Snowflakes” was presented, where Yana Rudkovskaya starred with her son Sasha and Philip Bedrosovich.

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