Oct 30, 2021
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Olga Buzova revealed the insane cost of her sexy dress


Leading and singer Olga Buzova appeared at a social event in a revealing outfit.

The 35-year-old artist knows how to attract the attention of the public. So, yesterday the artist appeared at the Moda Topical Style Awards 2021 in a revealing black dress. The outfit emphasized the slimness of the blonde, and also bared the shoulders and long legs. For the image to work one hundred percent, the star even had to give up underwear.

Fans were greatly impressed by the idol’s “bow”. Many also wondered how much the sexy image cost her. “Is it true that a black dress is worth a lot of money?“- asked the performer subscribers.

In response, Buzova shared a screenshot of the official website of the luxury boutique. “Yes. This is the new Roberto Cavalli collection. After I leave, they talk about him three times a day.“, – the artist boasted.

Olga Buzova in a revealing dress
Olga Buzova in a revealing dress

As it turned out, the outfit cost the singer a large sum – 324 thousand rubles. Despite the high price tag, it is made of viscose and rayon. However, the main thing here is the magnificent design from the couturier of the eminent Fashion House. “All women of fashion hunt for him“, – said Olga.

There were still those who criticized the image of the performer. The haters felt that it was inappropriate to appear in such a revealing dress at the event. “This is called “when there is nothing more to show and nothing to surprise”; “To a secular party in a swimsuit?”; “Where’s the dress? All I see is a bra and a curtain pinned to it“, – they ridiculed the style.

By the way, Olga took the statuette at the awards as the most stylish artist in Russian show business. The singer was flattered by this recognition. “I received the main prize of the ceremony in the nomination “Style Icon”! It is very pleasant to receive an award for the looks and good taste. But I believe that the best outfit in the modern world is to remain a good person.“- she said.

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