May 9, 2021
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Olga Buzova responded to Katya Gordon’s accusations after hospitalization

Lawyer and TV presenter Katya Gordon criticized Olga Buzova, who allegedly underwent surgery and staged an untimely show from her hospitalization. The singer responded to the accusations.

Olga Buzova responded to Katya Gordon's accusations after hospitalization

Katya Gordon believesthat Olga Buzova is knowingly hiding her own diagnosis. According to the journalist, the singer must keep a secret by not publishing a video with her sobs, or tell her fans blamelessly.

Gordon said that the bursting TV presenter does not feel the boundaries between sincerity and a penny game.

Buzova responded to criticism by ridiculing rumors about the veracity of her operation. Olga published a video in which a nurse removes her catheter from a vein.

“We remove the catheter, which is not. Proof, ”the performer said on the video.

The celebrity was discharged from the hospital after recently undergoing surgery. She will continue the treatment at home. Doctors recommended that she keep her bedding order, reports “7 days”.

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