Nov 23, 2022
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Olga Buzova recovered from a whole plate of dumplings


Presenter and singer Olga Buzova showed that she is also a person and eats simple food.

The performer of the hit “Here I am” became a guest of a social event. Olga came to the annual Topical Style Awards, organized by Moda Topical Editor-in-Chief Oksana Fedorova.

The former host of “House-2” chose a spectacular floor-length evening dress for publication. A purple dress with sequins and a spicy neckline under the bust emphasized the slender figure of the artist. The stylists gave the pop star a hairstyle in the style of Jennifer Lopez – a high bun and gel-styled strands around her face. Olga’s bangs were also decorated with rhinestones.

A native of St. Petersburg received an award in the nomination “Style Icon”. After the event, the TV star showed what happened before she shone on the red carpet in front of photographers.

Buzova published a funny video. She appeared in the same evening image, sitting at the table. In front of the singer was a plate of dumplings. Olga tried one and was delighted. “What do you think I do in an expensive Dolce & Gabbana dress before going to an event? They are simply divine!“- assured the host of the show” Stars in Africa, talking about dumplings.

Olga Buzova eats dumplings
Olga Buzova eats dumplings

The performer of the hit “Pink Glasses” mocked herself. “Stars are people too. And then I’m mad that I got better“, – said the former artist of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater.

Fans of the TV star laughed at her. Some remembered Olga’s embarrassment when she advertised dumplings, forgetting to boil them. “This time, at least I didn’t forget to cook them, ”“ It looks somehow feigned ”,“ It was necessary to say whose dress ”,“ That moment when everything is inappropriate and ridiculous: words, hairstyle, outfit ”,“ Even for this once the dumplings are boiled, and not like when they advertised frozen ones”, — wrote the users.

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