Dec 27, 2020
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Olga Buzova reacted to speculation about a PR romance with David Manukyan

19:36, 12/27/2020

The presenter of “House-2” assures that she really loves the blogger.

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Olga Buzova and David Manukyan have been together for almost a year and a half. Lovers rarely publish joint photos and try to hide their personal lives from the public, although they claim that they live together and are very happy. Olga and David not only build relationships, but also help each other in career development Manukyan began recording songs, and Olga shot funny short videos. There are a lot of rumors around the pair of artists. Most often discussed is the version that the romance of the stars it’s just PR.

Journalists wrote many times that a contract could be concluded between Olga Buzova and David Manukyan. Allegedly, the couple is only acting out the relationship in front of the camera in order to attract even more subscribers in this way. Today Olga decided to comment on such speculations.

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan

“Why do people write that? What can’t I love? Or that he cannot love me? We even made fun of this topic at one time. People stopped believing, but feelings can be real. Real ones that you want to keep, protect. Audiences, haters, you can’t please them. Then you don’t shoot, it means that their contract has ended. Then you shoot too much “, – said Olga Buzova in the show PeopleTalk TV.

Note that rumors about the PR romance between Manukyan and Buzova were actively discussed in the summer, when the lovers stopped showing up together. Then in the media there were suggestions that the contract with the stars ended, and Olga did not want to renew it. In July of this year, David himself decided to answer the speculations of the press. The blogger did not give a clear answer, but only laughed it off. “Well, in general, as it were, just under the terms of the contract, I can’t, as it were, disclose all the details, you understand. Now our lawyers are working on extending the contract, ”said David Manukyan in the Stories section of his Instagram microblog.

Dmitry Soloviev and Olga Buzova

In the fall and winter of 2020, rumors about problems in the personal lives of Buzova and Manukyan only increased. The reason for them was the participation of the host of “House-2” in the “Ice Age” project. The audience noticed a special connection between the star and her partner Dmitry Solovyov, which they immediately began to write about in the press. The couple have repeatedly stated that they are linked exclusively by friendly and working relations, and there can be no question of any love, especially since the skater has a lover.

Dmitry Soloviev in an exclusive interview with Vokrug TV admitted that he and Buzova discussed the situation more than once, but they did not see any problem in it. Moreover, Dmitry believes that he and his partner are doing everything right, since they talk so much about them. “We have to be actors not only on the ice, we have to develop this story, invented within the framework of the performance, beyond the ice, so that people can feel and believe. This is also the kind of work that needs to be paid a lot of attention, because the overall picture is made up of such trifles, ”Dmitry shared, noting that he and Olga even laughed about the rumors about their alleged romance.

Olga Buzova

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