Jan 28, 2021
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Olga Buzova radically changed her image after breaking up with David Manukyan

21:54, 27.01.2021

The singer increased her hair and dyed her hair blonde.

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Olga Buzova announced her separation from her beloved David Manukyan on January 22. The singer’s and blogger’s romance lasted a year and a half, and all this time they showed an idyll in their relationship. During the New Year holidays, Olga and David even got married in the Maldives. However, after the celebration of Buzova’s birthday, which took place on January 20 in a narrow circle of relatives and friends, a video of her quarrel with Manukyan appeared on the Internet. It turned out that the rapper was late on the name day, having arrived only for the fireworks. And two days later, Olga accused him of assault and published a correspondence in which David spoke to her rather rudely. Then the singer announced the beginning of a new stage in her life in the status of a free girl.

Today Olga appeared in front of the subscribers of her microblog in Instagram in a new way. The singer radically changed her image by extending her hair and dyeing it blond. “And when, if not now. Thanks to my Alyona for such a transformation. Of course, I will remove the length later, but I wanted to walk a little like that, ”the singer wrote (Spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Olga Buzova radically changed her image after breaking up with David Manukyan

Note that Olga Buzova also impressed the guests of a large-scale party in honor of her 35th birthday with her gorgeous image. For the celebration, the singer chose a white dress with feathers, decorated with Swarovski crystals. In addition, preparations for the party itself lasted 35 days. At the event, one could see colorful performances, circus acts, and gorgeous menu from Renat Agzamov.

Among the guests of the holiday in honor of Olga Buzova you can see the ex-participants of “House-2” Natalia Varvina with her husband, Alena Vodonaeva, Daruya Sergei Pynzarey, as well as comedian Mikhail Galustyan, TV presenter Ksenia Borodina, as well as the illusionists of the Safronov brothers. The younger sister of Buzovoy Anna also attended the party. A relative of the singer first appeared after a stroke, which she suffered in the fall of last year.

Olga Buzova at a party in honor of her birthday

David Manukyan was not present at the celebration. He does not hide his feelings of breaking up with a famous singer. However, at first Manukyan did not comment on the situation. For the first time, David spoke in the show “Dancing with the Stars”, where he is currently taking part. “Unfortunately, this is life. Anything that begins may end. Unfortunately, this was a passed stage, “the blogger noted.

The blogger’s mom also spoke emotionally about her son’s loud separation from Buzova. Anna Manukyan She reacted sharply to Olga’s statements that David raised his hand to her. Anna urged not to believe that her son beat the TV presenter. The blogger’s mother recalled that the singing TV presenter also accused the ex-husband of Dmitry Tarasov of assault. In addition, the woman suggested that it was Olga who brought her younger sister to a stroke.

By the way, in the show David performs in the show “Dancing with the Stars” with Daria Paley. Many netizens have suspected a romance between a dancing blogger. In the direction of Daria, accusations of the parting of Manukyan and Buzova fell down. However, during the show, Paley said that she was married, had a one-year-old son and had nothing to do with breaking up a star couple.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

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