Nov 2, 2022
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Olga Buzova infuriated her husband Dmitry Tarasov


Dmitry Tarasov did not like the answer of the singer and presenter Olga Buzova.

Dmitry Tarasov has been repeatedly accused by haters of PR on ex-wife Olga Buzova. It seems that the athlete is tired of the negativity and no longer intends to seek help from the former.

Conflicts periodically flared up between the former spouses, but lately, it seemed that they had finally subsided. Tarasov restored communication with Buzova, and last summer even offered her cooperation in his project to popularize sports. True, Olga immediately reminded her ex-wife: they are not friends at all. The singer harshly refused the football player by publishing an impressive post.

I wanted a specific answer, but they inflated it, turned everything upside down. I am sure that she did not write this refusal herself, but her assistants. I will say this, after that I do not want to contact anymore. We’ve talked before, and we got on well. If she wants this kind of dirt, I’m not interested. Therefore, she will not receive more offers from our team.“, – Tarasov said in an interview with Natasha Gasankhanova.

Olga Buzova with her ex-husband - photo from the archive - “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”
Olga Buzova with her ex-husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

YouTube show hostYesDa – NoNo ”she was surprised to learn that Tarasov kept in touch with Buzova. “How does this happen? Are you sitting in the kitchen, are you like this: “I need to write to Olga Buzova”?‘ Natasha asked. “Well, that’s pretty much what happens. I need to do this for my specific purposes“, – admitted the athlete.

Recall that the ex-spouses again quarreled last summer. In her refusal, Buzova mentioned a busy work schedule, in which she sees no place for Tarasov. The artist also urged to stop using her name for personal promotion. Olga remembered her old grievances to her ex-husband.

You’re right, you can’t hold a grudge against me, because it wasn’t me who cheated on you, it wasn’t me who took away the donated car from you, it wasn’t me who took away your house, in which a huge amount of my love, soul and money was invested. It was not me who kicked you out of our common apartment on the street at the moment when I could not walk after the most difficult operation, after which we could become parents“, – wrote the presenter.

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