Aug 23, 2022
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Olga Buzova got into a love triangle


36-year-old singer and presenter Olga Buzova had an affair with a businessman.

After breaking up with David Manukyan, the actress does not advertise her personal life, but she does not hide the fact that she does not remain without male attention and receives expensive gifts and romantic surprises from fans.

According to rumors, the banker Ivan Semenov has been actively courting the artist for the past few months. They say that it was he who handed the star of “House-2” shoes from Jimmy Choo, decorated with Swarovski crystals, for 350 thousand rubles, and then presented her with a bracelet from Van Cleef for 500 thousand, which the singer had long dreamed of. The businessman buys the artist and branded clothing, sparing no money. However, the piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that Semenov already has a lover – Anna Kalashnikova.

Olga Buzova - photo from the archive -
Olga Buzova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The couple have been together for three years. The banker was crazy about the artist and wanted to marry her, but this winter their relationship cracked, allegedly because of Ivan’s infidelity. However, recently Kalashnikova and Semyonov reunited, which, however, does not prevent the millionaire from chasing Buzova, and the singer gladly allows him to do this. For example, recently the artist even attended Semyonov’s family celebration – his brother’s birthday, which she announced to subscribers in the story.

The participants in the love triangle have not yet commented on the scandal that has erupted. But it is possible that Semyonov is just one of the boyfriends of the Doma-2 star, showering her with presents, which is why she does not delve into the details of his personal life. In early August, information appeared that Buzova was close to another wealthy man named Pavel Bunin, however, he is also not free, writes Seven Days.

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