Nov 20, 2021
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Olga Buzova did not notice Philip Kirkorov


Singer and presenter Olga Buzova ignores the king of pop.

The artist walks on thin ice. The day before, she decided to show that she is still offended by Philip Kirkorov. For a while, the presenter and the king of the pop scene were best friends, and then they had a fight. According to rumors, all due to the fact that the singer is close friends with David Manukyan, Olga’s former lover.

Buzova met with Kirkorov at an event in the Kremlin, which was timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of MUZ-TV. The singing TV star came out to pose for the assembled reporters, ignoring the nearby singer.

Philip called Olga several times, but she pretended not to hear anything. Then he came closer to her, and only after that she greeted him. Kirkorov was outraged by the excuse in the style of “you know that I have poor eyesight, I did not see you.”

Olga Buzova and Philip Kirkorov
Olga Buzova and Philip Kirkorov

Don’t you even have a hearing?“, – the words of the indignant Kirkorov are transmitted to the EG.

The artist is unlikely to forgive such an attitude towards himself. Still, Olga could explain to Philip in a private setting that she was offended. However, she chose the option in which Kirkorov was humiliated in front of the assembled audience.

By the way, Kirkorov recently found himself in a different situation, where his status as the king of show business did not help him avoid awkwardness. The artist with children was not allowed on a flight to the capital from Dubai. He was denied due to lack of a covid test result. Because of this delay, Philip’s son and daughter missed the first days of school after the holidays.

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