Apr 30, 2021
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Olga Buzova criticized Davout for making a press

Recently, rapper David Manukyan eliminated fatty tissue on mammon by surgery.

Olga Buzova criticized Davout for making a press

The artist showed his bulging press to his subscribers. His former lover Olga Buzova criticized people who create an ideal body through plastic.

“Now there is a tendency, it is becoming fashionable to draw a press for yourself – both young ladies and men do it. I am against such interventions. And I also don’t like it when people boast about what they didn’t do themselves, ”Olga Buzova said.

Dava met at his own expense the statement of the ex-darling about the people who “draw” their abs and muscles, without trying to make an effort to make them appear in the hall.

The rapper hastened to justify himself. He noted that for a long time he tried to return the bulging press and muscles to their previous state, but due to hormonal disruptions, stress and intense work, he developed fibrosis. Plastic surgery helped to solve this problem.

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