Oct 28, 2021
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Olga Buzova came to the award in an extremely naked dress


The presenter and singer Olga Buzova chose an erotic outfit for a public event.

The actress shocked the public by appearing at the event in a very revealing outfit. The star felt comfortable, not at all embarrassed by her own sexuality.

Olga Buzova is used to shock the audience. The public is widely discussing her new projects, relationships, and the style is closely watching, taking apart each “bow”. But the TV presenter still manages to surprise the fans. So this time she came to the Moda Topical Style Awards 2021 in an extremely revealing dress.

The black outfit, revealing the most piquant places, seemed to many prohibitively sexy. And not in vain, because in order for the dress to fit perfectly, Buzova even had to give up … from underwear. But Olga herself felt comfortable and posed for photographers with pleasure.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

As a result of the ceremony, Buzova received the main award. “I received the main award of the ceremony in the nomination “Style Icon”! It is very pleasant to receive an award for looks and good taste. But I believe that the best outfit in the modern world is to remain a good person.“, – admitted the star.

Now the TV presenter is literally bathed in male attention. After a painful divorce from Dmitry Tarasov and parting with Dava, the artist decided not to advertise the relationship anymore. Rumor has it that Buzova already has a new chosen one, but she is not going to discuss this topic.

But Olga is always ready to talk about creativity. Recently, the star released a new album, which turned out to be several hits at once. Buzova does not intend to stop there, dreaming of conquering the public of the whole world.

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