Feb 21, 2021
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Olga Buzova asked to vote in “Dancing with the Stars” for David Manukyan

08:35, 21.02.2021

The singing TV presenter supported her former lover.

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On January 22, 35-year-old Olga Buzova announced her separation from 27-year-old David Manukyan. The stars have been together for almost two years. After the announcement of the breakup, the singing TV presenter called for the blogger to be blocked everywhere. But a month later, the TV personality decided to support the former young man. David participates in the project “Dancing with the Stars”. The finale of the show will take place today, 21 February. Buzova asked to vote for Manukyan and stated that she had already done it herself.

“This is a very important period for David. I know it. I know how important it is for him to win in “Dances”. And if this victory makes him happy, I will be happy. I am happy that this person is happy. I will not call, this is your choice. He’s just really a professional, he is a cool dancer. David deserves and deserves this victory, ”said the TV star in the Stories section of her Instagram.

Olga Buzova asked to vote for David Manukyan

Olga noted: she had already sent a vote for David and in the end said: “I hope that you will be happy.” Buzova admitted that she has recently closed down strongly due to problems in her personal life. Now she is saved only by the work in which she plunged headlong. “I am going through a difficult period in my life. It’s so hard for me that I don’t go to any programs, I don’t talk about personal experiences. I work through everything myself. In order to adequately explain everything, time must pass, ”the TV presenter admitted.

Olga stressed that both people are always to blame for relationship problems. According to Buzova, conflicts arise when lovers stop talking and share their grievances and fears. She stated that not all people are ready to admit their mistake. In addition, she said: for almost two years she was faithful to one man and wanted “to the end and forever.” “For me, he became a very dear person, despite the fact that later began to happen,” Buzova said.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

Note that David made a confession on February 14 during the “Dancing with the Stars” broadcast. He stated that he was disappointed in love and did not want to experience this feeling anymore. “I don’t want love anymore, it’s easier, I don’t work out… Love is respect for each other and trust. But where there is a lie, manipulation – there is no love … You open up to a person with all your soul, and he goes and pours out negative on you … This is a betrayal. I feel pain. How can you speak badly about a person, it means that you do not respect yourself! I’m madly attached. Now for me love is not an indicator of happiness. I do not want love. I understood this for myself and it’s easier for me, ”said Manukyan.

David participates in the show with his partner Daria Paley. Initially, many criticized the choice of the participant, saying that it was not fair: after all, Manukyan has a lot of experience working as a professional dancer. But Katerina Shpitsa stood up to protect David. In an exclusive video interview “Around TV”, the actress said that the former lover Buzovoy had not danced for many years. According to the artist, it is always difficult to return to sports after a long break. In addition, according to Katerina, the judges know about Manukyan’s dancing past and will treat him stricter.

Exclusive video interview “Around TV” by Katerina Shpitsa

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