Jan 7, 2021
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Olga Buzova arranged a surprise for David Manukyan on a desert island in the Maldives

15:52, 07.01.2021

The star couple celebrated 17 months since the beginning of their relationship.

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The general public learned about the novel by Olga Buzova and David Manukyan back in December 2019. It was then that the artist officially announced that she was dating a blogger, although rumors about their relationship appeared in the summer of the same year, when the young man starred in the singer’s video for the song “Liker”. After Olga and David stopped hiding the romance, they actively share romantic frames of photos in their microblogs on Instagram, and also publicly confess their love to each other. Especially a lot of joint shots for Buzova and Manukyan are obtained on vacation in the Maldvas, where the lovers celebrated the New Year. There, David and Olga celebrated another significant event.

TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova and David Manukyan celebrated 17 months since the beginning of their relationship. In her microblog on Instagram, Olga Buzova published a series of Stories, where she showed what a surprise she prepared for her lover in honor of an important date for them. On this occasion, the singer organized a breakfast for David on a desert island. “Everyone who has been following us for a long time knows that today is our special day. I prepared an unusual breakfast for my beloved. I believe that our life should consist of pleasant moments that we can do for ourselves, “Olga shared (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given here and below without changes – Prim. line.).

Olga Buzova arranged a surprise for David Manukyan on a desert island in the Maldives

By the way, in the middle of winter, David and Olga flew to a tropical paradise in the last days of December, deciding to have a good rest after an eventful year. On vacation, the stars do not deny themselves anything. On New Year’s Eve, Manukyan presented his beloved with a truly royal surprise: he presented her with a bracelet from a famous jewelry house. The original shape of a rolled nail is composed of 18K white gold set with 374 2.26ct diamonds. As indicated on the official website of the jewelry company, the cost of Buzova’s new jewelry is 4.3 million rubles.

Later, David Manukyan told his audience an exciting news: he really thought about getting married. In his microblog on Instagram, he published a photo together with Olga and asked in the caption for the publication (the author’s spelling and punctuation hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. line.): “Can you play a wedding? @ buzova86 “. Interestingly, in the comments to the photo, the potential bride herself immediately appeared. “Can I marry you?” Olga Buzova asked in turn.

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan hinted at an imminent wedding

Despite rumors of parting, Olga and David continue to demonstrate an idyllic relationship. So, a month ago, on an important day for lovers – 16 months from the beginning of their relationship, the singer once again spoke about her feelings for David. In honor of an important date, Buzova posted a romantic video on her microblog on Instagram, which depicts one of their dates.

Buzov’s recording was accompanied by touching words: “After all, who, if not ourselves, will make our life more beautiful and happier. Exactly one month ago on the same day, I arranged a surprise for my beloved. That evening I didn’t shoot anything to devote this time to us. So I’m sharing now. Everything was perfect. Candles, music, a gorgeous view of Moscow and happy us. LOVE rules my world. Let her alone rule yours. “

Olga Buzova and David Manukyan

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Olga Buzova and David Manukyan hinted at an imminent wedding

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