Oct 15, 2021
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Olga Buzova announced the name of her daughter


35-year-old singer Olga Buzova spoke about future motherhood.

The artist made a sensational statement. The artist, currently in search of a suitable gentleman, said that she plans to become a mother and give birth to a daughter. While the TV presenter is not pregnant, she has no doubt that this delightful moment will come in her life.

“Vthis is its time. I will have a daughter, I already know her name – Masha. I decided this when I was 25. I want children for a long time, it just didn’t work out somehow. I have never been pregnant in my life. I have never experienced this before. Can you imagine how much more I have to do? I really want a daughter. I’ll be fair with her“, – said the star of” House-2 “in an interview with Irina Bezrukova for her YouTube show” Beginning “.

Buzova also has plans for how she will bring up the future heiress. The artist complained that she herself was not spared in childhood: at the age of five she went to school, and her mother was very strict with her.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova

I had an early childhood … I did not even understand then what they wanted from me. I will never do this to my child.“, – assured the celebrity.

True, before having a child, Buzovoy needs to solve another equally important problem – to get a lover and, possibly, marry him. The artist assures that she has no shortage of fans and she can go down the aisle even tomorrow. But all the men surrounded by the TV presenter show themselves not from their best side and envy her success.

Recall that Olga’s last boyfriend was 28-year-old David Manukyan, with whom they parted with a scandal in January. The artist assures that the blogger cheated on her, and he, in response, reproaches the singer for jealousy and inappropriate behavior.

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