Jan 30, 2021
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Olga Buzova admitted that she should have won the main prize in the final of the Dom-2 project

03:21, 01/30/2021

The singer and her lover turned out to be the brightest couple after three months from the beginning of the project.

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Olga Buzova got to “Dom-2” as a participant in 2004, when the project was just launched. The organizers had originally planned the show for three months. During this time, the participants had to manage to build their love and a house, which was won by the strongest couple. Today, in an interview with the host of the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan Urgant, Olga admitted that it was she and her lover who then reached the final of the project, but did not receive the main prize.

“It is important. Nobody knows that. I had to win this house. Initially, I signed a contract for three months. And, according to the rules, after three months, the only couple that remains gets the house. And now this period ends. And then I met a young man. And we are glad that we won the house, we are the only couple, we are loved and supported by the country. And we are told: “No, no. We are extending the project. ” As a result, we did not win this house, and in general no one won it, ”said the singer.

Olga Buzova and in the show “Evening Urgant”

Let us remind you that the project “Dom-2” has been broadcast on the TNT channel for 17 years. During this time, Buzova managed to build relationships with project participant Roman Tretyakov. The lovers were called the strongest couple. Together with Tretyakov, Olga even hosted the talk show “Romance with Buzova”. After parting with Roma, Olya was alone for a long time. And in December 2008 she became one of the leading “House-2”. At the moment, Olga is one of the brightest stars in show business and is touring with solo concerts. In addition, on the TNT channel, she, together with Ksenia Borodina, leads the program “Borodin against Buzova”.

Note that Olga did not suit her personal life. In 2012, she married Dmitry Tarasov. Four years later, the couple broke up with a scandal. At that moment, the footballer had already met with model Anastasia Kostenko. Tarasov divorced Buzova and soon married a new passion. Last year, Dmitry said that one of the reasons for breaking up with Olga was her unwillingness to have children. But with Kostenko, the footballer has already become a father twice – the spouses are raising daughters.

Dmitry Tarasov, Anastasia Kostenko and their daughters

Buzova was very worried about a divorce from her ex-spouse, but in December 2019 she presented a new lover to the public – David Manukyan. The singer and the blogger met on the set of the Liker video and hid their romance for almost six months. For several months, the couple showed an idyll in their relationship, but in the summer of 2020, Internet users suggested that the lovers broke up.

Rumors appeared after Olga and David stopped posting joint photos on their Instagram microblogs. Then Buzova denied the arguments about the break. In January, the singer and blogger even got married in the Maldives. However, after celebrating Olga’s 35th birthday, which took place on January 20, the couple officially announced their separation. The singer accused Manukyan of assault and treason.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

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