Apr 20, 2021
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Olesya Malibu told that she provides escort services

Russian model Olesya Malibu recently talked about her unusual way of earning money. She is engaged in escort services and is not shy about it, telling about her kind of business.

Olesya Malibu told that she provides escort services

The model noted that many young ladies strive not to advertise this fact. Malibu lives comfortably at the expense of wealthy clients. Olesya says that an escort should be equated with a full-fledged job, because because of this, many young ladies lose their friends and relatives.

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Malibu noted that many people from show business are engaged in escorting and are not proud of it, but all equally continue to provide such services.

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She added that at times the escort can be dangerous, so much as if the young ladies are cooperating with managers, who often begin to blackmail them for money.

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