Apr 20, 2021
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Oleg Tinkov spoke about the fight against leukemia: “Machism somehow diminished, I had to cry”

Oleg Tinkov spoke about the fight against leukemia: "Machism somehow diminished, I had to cry"

Oleg Tinkov

Yesterday on Channel One, as part of the Dok-Tok program, the premiere of Valery Panyushkin’s documentary “Oleg Tinkov – New Blood”, the protagonist of which was a famous Russian businessman, took place. In it, 53-year-old Tinkov, whose fortune is estimated at $ 1.6 billion, spoke about his struggle with leukemia, which he was diagnosed with a year ago, and how the disease changed his life. Here are the most interesting moments from the film.

About illness and treatment

I never thought that you can be treated for a year. But it turned out that people are being treated for three years, and four. For me, this is a new discovery at 51, that you can be treated for several years. It’s hard. I spent four of these 12 months in the clinic, and what I saw enough there, in general, all blood cancers – this, of course, is just horror. This is pain, this is fear, this is death, this is tears.

I served in the army for two years, and I was engaged in cycling at a professional level, that is, I suffered a lot of physical suffering. But this, of course, cannot be compared with this year. I cried 10 times more than in my entire life. I just cried for the first two months. I was mad. Psychologists came to me and calmed me down.

I have always been strong, positive, I was macho, what a macho, but macho somehow diminished, I had to cry.

Oleg Tinkov

Family support

(Oleg Tinkov and his wife Rina Vosman are raising three children: daughter Daria and sons Pavel and Roman. – Ed.)

When everything happened, they flew to me in Berlin, sat with me for another two weeks, left school. The youngest son of Roma (by the way, he is interested in medicine, chemistry) even became overwhelmed. He worked for two weeks in the hematology oncology center on our floor in the Helios clinic, where I was rescued. He worked to see me more often, to be closer to my dad and to look at all this. He also saw people dying, and for him, I think, all this was also very important. He gained important experience. The middle son studied in Hong Kong, he also flew in, took turns with Dasha. Naturally, Rina, my wife. I knew that she was an angel and a very good girl, wife, mother, but she showed herself very clearly.

Children of Oleg Tinkov and Rina Vosman
Children of Oleg Tinkov and Rina Vosman

About the desire to refuse treatment

Professor Glass at the Helios Clinic said, “You need to start chemotherapy now, tomorrow.” I say: “No, I don’t want to do chemistry because it’s delusional. Maybe I’ll be cured in some other way? I’m healthy.” He said, “Well, then in two weeks you will die.” My wife was already here, my daughter flew in. They do not have the topic “talk in the corridor” here, they have the topic “tell the truth in the eyes”. I then said: “Well, then I will not be treated, what the fuck I need, I have lived such a life, I have earned so much money, God forbid everyone, I have conquered all business peaks, three different businesses, I have succeeded in all of them, children, lovely family, the whole world looked. ” But then the wife did her job. She said this: “To be treated quickly, everything will be okay, you have not seen your grandchildren yet, you have not yet married your children, you are not yet dying, you will be treated.”

Oleg Tinkov with his wife Rina Vosman
Oleg Tinkov with his wife Rina Vosman

About the cost of treatment

In fact, my Berlin account was all 120,000 euros. I would not say that it is expensive. This is three months in the hospital with three chemotherapy treatments, with all the side effects. I had two terrible sepsis, they pulled me out. How they professionally worked sepsis when my temperature was 40.1. I take off my hat to all the nannies – it’s very cool.

In London, a transplant costs about 100,000 pounds, here it is twice as expensive as everything in Berlin. In Germany it is free for residents of Germany.

About the bone marrow donor

I pray from morning to evening to this German woman who saved my life. She just took, went and handed in cells for four hours so that some guy from Siberia could get them and survive. This, of course, changes consciousness. If she hadn’t, I would have died.

Oleg Tinkov

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