Sep 16, 2020
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Oleg Gazmanov, who returned his voice after coronavirus disease, said that he was recording a new song

07:49, 09/16/2020

The 69-year-old artist's track will be released on October 23rd.

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Oleg Gazmanov and his wife Marina Muravyova have had a coronavirus. The 69-year-old performer of the hits "Sailor", "Esaul" and "Officers" announced this after the fact. The singer said that the disease was difficult, and he even had to go to the hospital. After recovering, the popular performer lost 6 kilograms, fought for a long time with the weakness that accompanied coronavirus pneumonia, and restored the vocal cords. A few hours ago, Gazmanov wrote that his voice was normal, and a new song, recorded after an illness, was almost ready. The pop star even named the exact date of her release.

“The voice was restored. I enjoy finishing a new song in the studio. Premiere 23.10.20 ", - wrote in his microblog on Instagram Oleg Gazmanov (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. - Note...ed.).

Oleg Gazmanov regained his voice after illness

It is noteworthy that Oleg Gazmanov stayed away from COVID-19 for a relatively long time. But the 69-year-old performer was one of those who attended the birthday party for Igor Krutoy's sister Alla Krutoy... The social event became famous due to the fact that Lev Leshchenko, infected with the coronavirus, came to it. A few days after the release of the 78-year-old artist and his wife Irina Bagudina, they were hospitalized in an infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka, where the singer spent more than two weeks. After a party in the midst of a pandemic, many stars began to be tested for coronavirus, including Lera Kudryavtseva, and a little later, Oleg Gazmanov. The singer even showed how doctors came to his home and took samples for a test. By the way, then the results of the analysis were negative. And some time later, the artist performed with other stars on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater to support doctors who have thrown all their strength into the fight against COVID-19.

In mid-April, Oleg Gazmanov tested for coronavirus

It should be added that the 39-year-old son of Gazmanov, Rodion, became one of those who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The singer agreed to talk about all the changes that occur after vaccination in his microblog on Instagram. “I asked - I am reporting. First day after vaccination. The injection site hurts and shivers slightly. This suggests that I didn't get a placebo, as I thought yesterday, when everything was generally smooth and unchanged. The temperature, however, is normal today, ”Rodion wrote.

We also add that now 83-year-old Yuri Nazarov is in the hospital with a diagnosis of coronavirus. The star of the films "The Land of Sannikov" and "Little Vera" fell ill in early September, and a few days later, when the people's artist became worse, he was hospitalized. Nazarov's 56-year-old daughter maintains contact with media representatives Tatyana, who yesterday said that his father was recovering and he even got bored in the hospital, which is a good sign - he no longer thinks only about his illness.

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