Jan 10, 2021
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Old New Year – 2021: celebrating on the night of January 13-14

Old New Year - 2021: celebrating on the night of January 13-14

Old New Year is a holiday that is celebrated in many places. Most surnames celebrate it on the night of January 13-14 or in the afternoon of the 14th. There are countless traditions associated with this day.

Although this is the “old” New Year, this does not negate the fact that on this day you can and should make lust. Previously, experts have already narrated how to make lust for the Old New Year. Don’t miss this opportunity.

This is a private holiday, which is not on the calendar. The reason for its occurrence is extremely simple – the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Due to the difference in calculus between them, the starting day of the old month became January 14.

This holiday is a tribute to the memory of the old calendar, which was adopted in our side until the beginning of the 20th century. The habit of celebrating the Old New Year has survived not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the post-Soviet space.

On January 14, the day of St. Basil is celebrated, as well as the feast of the Circumcision of the Lord. In this way, this is a very dignified day for all Orthodox believers.

Celebration traditions will remain unchanged in 2021. On this day, people will again to give a friend to a friend gifts… With great joy it portrays for the kids, who are also greeted with preparing surprises.

Believers strive on January 14 attend church… It will be Thursday, so many, because of the proletarian of the day, will be forced to read prayers at home.

Many people follow ancient Russian traditions – boil porridge that day… On January 14, or at night from 13 to 14, everyone sits down at the table, eats deliciously, runs around.

On this day, people used to go home and treat their friend to pork, but in the modern world, everything is simple visit the homes of relatives and friends, hang around and exchange meals

There is also a relatively new tradition – make dumplings with a surprise… This is a very exciting process that brings the family closer and brings joy to everyone, without exception.

You must dress beautifully… According to signs, if a person wears his favorite and most beautiful clothes on January 14, he will look good all year.

If on this holiday you will have fun and bliss with life, then this whole year will be successful. For this reason, many people from the evening of January 13 strive to be distracted from negative thoughts.

If there is a blizzard on the evening of January 13, 2021, which means that the summer will be very nice, and the harvest will be abundant.

On this day it is impossible to lend and borrow pennies… Do not take out loans, take out a mortgage. If you do this, you can scare off financial luck.

It is very dignified to remember that January 13 and 14 are also the Christmas time. These days, it is met to guess at the betrothed, which many unchecked women do. Since ancient times, it was believed that, in fact, at this time fortune-telling would be the most accurate ..

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