Apr 20, 2021
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“Old men” “House-2” returned to the project in search of love

The updated television project “Dom-2” was shown on the “Yu” TV channel after he moved from TNT. The famous “oldies” have returned to the show.

One of them was Alexey Adeev, who decided to return to Russia after several years of living abroad. Earlier on the TV set, however, he thundered by the fact that he met with Alena Vodonaeva and several other astral ladies of the project. Alexei said that he was very longing for beautiful snouts.

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Also, Hope Ermakova returned to the project, who had been its participant since 2007 and somehow built relationships with Gleb Klubnichka. She noted that she had experienced a difficult relationship, so she decided to return to the project to find her true love.

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Among other things, in the new season, viewers will also see several more familiar faces, for example, Alena Rapunzel, Evgeny Romashov, Maxim Morgenstern and others. The program will continue to be hosted by Ksenia Borodina, Vlad Kadoni and Olga Orlova, but without Olga Buzova.

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