Jul 9, 2020
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Oksana Samoylova: “Now is the Day of family, love and fidelity is not about us”

Oksana Samoilov in a strange way has congratulated Russians on the Day of family, love and fidelity. Star says why he decided to divorce with Dzhiganom and said that now this feast is not about them.

Oksana Samoylova:

A relevant post appeared in the Instagram account of Oksana Samoilova. A celebrity said, perhaps her divorce from Djigan would please fans, and it would be fair, but she had not taken this step because of the kids. According to the model, she was fully prepared to leave her husband, however, other scales were heirs. If we are talking about two children, the impact could be mitigated, but to help the four, she’s not strong enough. When Ariel stopped sleeping and began to suffer from panic attacks, she’s just afraid of the possible consequences. Celebrity decided to give the children a chance to have a mom and dad. Samoilov admitted that he had not forgiven Dzhigan and their relationship is very difficult. According to the model, now, probably never will be as it was and is a rather bad example on her part than good.

At the end of the post the celebrity noted that the family holiday is not about them and it’s sad. While Oksana Samoylova congratulated the subscribers, urging fans to love, appreciate and cherish what they have. Dzhigan reacted to the publication of the spouse of a heart in the ribbon reviews.

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