Sep 12, 2020
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Oksana Samoilova radically changed her image by dyeing her hair pink

22:29, 09/11/2020

The model has long dreamed of changes in appearance.

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Oksana Samoilova is raising four children born in a marriage with rapper Dzhigan. A mother with many children devotes all her free time to education nine-year Ariela, six years oldherLei, three-year May and seven month David... Oksana said that her daughters have not simple characters. The most active and unpredictable of the three sisters is Leia. For shots with the middle daughter, Samoilova even created a separate hashtag #leyatakayalea, under which the model collects all the funniest photos and videos with the girl's participation. For example, in early September, Samilova posted a video of Leia stealing food from her younger sister's plate.

The next day, Maya and Ariela distinguished themselves. They envied Leia, who received a box of gifts on her birthday. According to the mother of many children, Ariela was horrified when she saw makeup that she did not have, and Maya secretly took everything she liked into her room. Samoilova also monitors the all-round development of children. Ariela, Leia and Maya regularly train with tutors, and the older daughters have been going to rhythmic gymnastics for a long time. On September 7, Oksana announced that she decided to send Maya to the sports section.

The eldest daughter Samoilova has been doing gymnastics for several years

Despite the rather busy schedule, Oksana does not forget about herself. The model carefully monitors her figure, visits the gym and various beauty salons. After the birth of her fourth child, Samoilova surprised the subscribers of her microblog in Instagram how quickly she got back in shape. During the pandemic, she also maintained her figure, saying that she manages to maintain weight without difficulty.

Today Samoilova decided on drastic changes in her appearance. She dyed her hair pink. The model noted that she had long dreamed of such a transformation. “I did it)) I have PINK hair)))) All my life I went with dark ones)) and for the last couple of years I dreamed of pink ones))) but stopped myself, like“ I'm an adult, what pink hair ”... And recently I realized that I just have to make this dream come true))) because in 5 years it will look even stranger)). I don't know how long I go through this and when I get tired of it, but it's never too late to return to the dark))) In short, I take everything from life, "wrote a mother of many children (Spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. - Prim. line.)...

Oksana Samoilova radically changed her image by dyeing her hair pink

Recall that Samoilova and Dzhigan this year were on the verge of divorce. After the birth of the long-awaited son, the rapper began to behave inappropriately and appear on live broadcasts in Instagram drunk. As a result, he twice visited rehabilitation centers. Oksana did not like her husband's behavior so much that she announced her breakup with the rapper. According to rumors, she even put their country mansion up for sale. The divorce was supposed to take place in June, but a few days before the appointed date, Samoilova announced that she had forgiven her husband and they were living together again.

Oksana Samoilova, Dzhigan and their daughters

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