Aug 6, 2022
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Oksana Fedorova showed a rounded belly in a bikini photo


Presenter Oksana Fedorova shared a video with her friends, provoking pregnancy rumors.

Oksana Fedorova, as the fans decided, may be waiting for the birth of her third child. Footage appeared on the Web in which the former Miss Universe demonstrates changes in her figure. Until recently, she boasted of slender forms, but in the last video she has a big belly.

The presenter herself shared a video recorded during her vacation, where she poses in an open swimsuit. Fans, looking at the happy and rounded Fedorova, made unambiguous conclusions about her situation.

Oksana Fedorova with friends
Oksana Fedorova with friends

The happily smiling artist appeared without clothes, showing an impressive belly, and now the fans suspected that Fedorova was in a position“, – writes EG.

However, it is possible that Oksana just chose a bad angle for shooting and congratulations on her pregnancy are premature. At the same time, the TV star never hid that she dreams of having another child and would be happy to become a mother of many children.

Oksana Fedorova with friends
Oksana Fedorova with friends

The long-awaited motherhood came into Fedorova’s life soon after her wedding with Andrei Borodin. Oksana’s husband leads a closed life and does not like it when his beloved publishes his photo on her blog. The couple are raising two children together: son Fedor and daughter Lisa, who just recently turned 9 years old. On the occasion of her daughter’s birthday, Oksana organized a big celebration at home for relatives and friends.

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