Jun 16, 2022
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Oksana Fedorova published a photo of her grown daughter for the first time in a long time


TV presenter and Miss Universe title holder Oksana Fedoroova showed her 8-year-old daughter Lisa in a tutu.

Oksana Fedorova became famous 20 years ago when she won the Miss Universe beauty pageant. And although she did not last long with the crown, she began to receive job offers. At one time, Oksana was a TV presenter, and then became the editor of a magazine. She is also a frequent guest at social events.

Fedorova has long been happily married to FSB officer Andrei Borodin. He taught her to box and temper. The couple has two children – 10-year-old son Fedor and eight-year-old daughter Elizabeth. Usually a socialite shares shots from events and trips.

But she rarely publishes family shots. However, the day before, Oksana shared footage with her daughter. Elizaveta studies ballet at the Central Ballet School and is preparing for the final concert, in which she will dance in a ballet based on Coppelia.

Elizabeth Borodina
Elizabeth Borodina

June 20 on the stage of the “New Opera” them. E.V. Kolobov will host an incredible musical performance “Coppelius” – the annual reporting concert of the pupils of the Central Ballet School based on the ballet “Coppelia”. Artists of the Bolshoi Theater will support the students on the stage”, Fedorova said in her Telegram channel

Elizabeth Borodina
Elizabeth Borodina

How she grew up”, “She looks so much like you”, “Amazing”, “Lisa grew up so much”, “Very talented”, “And she is still small! Then, in general, it will eclipse everyone, ”“ Your daughter is lovely, inherited your beauty”, Subscribers commented on the footage.

Recall that Oksana Fedorova for the first time became a mother only in marriage with Andrei Borodin. By the way, the wedding was held in secret. The fact is that at that time the chosen one of the model was a FSB major, so Oksana decided to abandon the public holiday. Even the star’s friends did not immediately learn about her new status as a married woman. In 2012, Oksana gave Borodin a son, Fedor. And a year later, the model gave birth again, this time to a daughter, Elizabeth.

Now Fedorova’s husband holds a position in the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, and therefore she continues to hide some details of her personal life. But Oksana willingly talks about her charitable and creative activities. For example, about two years ago, Fedorova suddenly found herself in opera singing.

Fans of the star certainly did not expect such a turn, some still perceive the video of the artist from concert halls with great surprise. Meanwhile, Oksana has already managed to complete the necessary training course and now often sings arias to live music.

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