Sep 15, 2022
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Oksana Fedorova admitted that her husband is raising children “by force”


Presenter Oksana Fedorova spoke about raising children.

The TV star in 2011 married Andrei Borodin, who at that time was an FSB officer and now works in the presidential office. “Miss Universe – 2002” was lucky with her husband: they are raising two children – 10-year-old Fedor and 9-year-old Elizabeth and are still happily married. However, the TV presenter stubbornly hides her husband’s face from the public, and if she publishes their joint photos, she takes Andrey exclusively from the back.

But Fedorova is not averse to sharing the details of family life. Oksana admitted that grandmothers took care of her offspring, so nannies are not needed in their house, and the role of the “bad cop” is usually played by the spouse. The TV presenter, on the other hand, has a soft character and it is difficult for her to “build children”.

Oksana Fedorova - photo from the archive -
Oksana Fedorova

In our family, I am softer, and dad is more strict and fair. Without rigor, you can’t really collect children. I believe that in a family, a mother should be like a girlfriend who will understand everything. To which you can come and cry in a vest. And dad is more strict. He is responsible for our combat training: we got up, made the bed … It is difficult for me to press the children. Dad does it more organically. From a position of strength, he explains everything to the children in a more intelligible way. I always pity them…“- said the celebrity.

Fedorova made it clear that now it is much easier for her to manage her heirs, but at an early age they made her suffer, and it took Oksana a lot of time to restore the resource.

It was easier for us with our son. He slept well at night and hardly disturbed us. Grandmother even sometimes asked: “Does he scream at all?” But with Lisa it was already more difficult. She didn’t get food straight away. Therefore, five months with her was very difficult. I also could not come to my senses for a long time. Couldn’t get any sleep. It lasted for five years”, the TV presenter complained in an interview with the Prozvezd portal.

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