Jul 1, 2020
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Okhlobystin made fun of Prigogine for the protection of the rights to benefits actors and strippers

The actor urges people to be smarter and “forgive stupidity.”

Recently, Iosif Prigozhin, complained to the plight of artists due to the lack of the ability to carry out performances were in the “terrible” situation, without any means of livelihood. Some of it is a statement Prigogine has caused confusion. For example, Sergey Shnurov declared Prigogine circus advocate, and wrote about it a few verses in his style.

Ivan Okhlobystin is also not left without attention the statement of Joseph Prigogine about the plight of artists and strippers. In his Instagram account he made fun of the famous producer for the protection of the rights to benefits actors and strippers. He noted that all men are sinners, but God forgives everything, even stupidity.

It is particularly ironic looks praise Prigogine, Prigogine where Okhlobystin thanks for defending the rights of actors and strippers, which as everyone should have the opportunity to receive food sets and benefits to the public transport, even if they are no cowards.

About yourself Okhlobystin said that he can sometimes do something wild, against which even spouse Prigogine Valeria can be considered a pure child.

Shura Altschul

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