Jan 6, 2022
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Oil therapy: how to properly apply hair oil

Oil therapy: how to properly apply hair oil

We will tell you about the main mistakes when applying hair oil in the publication.

Hair oil is a product that will help you in the difficult fight against split ends, dryness and brittleness.

Hair oils are designed to solve a variety of problems. Among the most versatile are olive, almond, jojoba and coconut.

Also, all funds differ in texture. There are light (dry) or more moisturizing ones. Choose a product based on your hair type.

What mistakes can be made

  • when you do not know where to apply, on which parts of the head
  • how much oil do you need
  • how to flush oil
  • how to properly prepare oil for application

Where to apply hair oil

Hair oil has a different concentration of substances, so read the instructions before applying the product. If the product is intended to nourish and stimulate growth, then you can use it on the vine.

In other cases, it can lead to allergic reactions. Most often, oil is applied only to the ends or to the main length (if the textures will be washed off).

Heat the oil in your palms

If you are using hair oil that requires rinsing, warm the mixture to room temperature.

The second option is a product that should be applied to the ends and not washed off.

In order for it to better penetrate into the cuticle, rub it in your palms.

“The greenhouse effect”

Some hair oils act as masks and should be kept on for about 30-40 minutes. For the best effect, “warm” your head with a towel.

What hair should you apply the oil on

There can be many options, it all depends on the beauty product and your hair type. Decide what effect you would like to get from the product. There is no one universal scheme.

How much oil you need to say is impossible to say, since all hairs differ in length and density. For example, with a length to the waist, 3 tablespoons will be enough. It is not difficult to calculate the required amount of oil.

Just pour 2 scoops into a small outlet and start applying it to your hair. To do this, comb your hair first. Dip your hands in the oil and run them through your hair.

Massage your scalp first. Next, proceed with the application along the length. To do this, you can very carefully comb all the hair with oil hands. Or divide them into small strands and smear each one separately.

Hair oil is washed off with a regular shampoo, because there are natural ingredients. You can even use sulfate-free products. Just let the texture sit for a few minutes and then wash off.

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