Apr 26, 2021
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Official Russian football condemns the desire to create a Super League

It is still difficult to say whether a revolution has happened in European football, and whether those title clubs that have decided to isolate themselves from UEFA, having created their own league, with their own rules and a set of participants, have fallen into enough.

Official Russian football condemns the desire to create a Super League

The initiative, which was immediately condemned by representatives of FIFA, was attended by 15 clubs from England, Spain, Italy, most of which later abandoned the venture under threat of retaliation.

Official Russian football has reacted sharply to the desire of clubs to create their own tournament.

The president of the RPL said that the Russian league condemns the desire of the top clubs in Europe to isolate themselves from UEFA in the framework of the newly-made tournament, so much as if this contradicts the basic values ​​of the football community and brings disagreement to the club life of the Old World.

Sports lawyers additionally noted that the creation of your own tournament outside the zone of the official association’s supervision could destroy the entire football infrastructure, including in Russia, even though no Russian clubs have ever clicked into the Super League.

The roots of the problem in the present context, according to lawyers, lie in the fact that after one autonomous league another dozen similar tournaments can take place, and the whole system of European football will crack at the seams.

However, there were also those in our side who supported the idea of ​​the Super League at the longest level. For example, the general secretary of the union of footballers and coaches. In his opinion, the Super League can become the tournament that will attract the attention of athletes from the title clubs and fans during the breaks of other famous tournaments.

It is worth noting the views of famous football personalities. Yuri Semin spoke out unequivocally against the Super League. Tradition of sports is sure that 12 presidents of clubs cannot do what they want without consulting and listening to the audience of fans. And the fans didn’t talk about the new league.

Some former footballers have also spoken out against, as if they believe that the purpose of creating the Super League is an opportunity for additional money making, initiated by the management of the FC, and nothing more. In this case, no one thought about the fans at all.

Byshovets, a notorious Russian specialist, added that the creation of a newly minted self-powered league from UEFA would kill European football. In addition, according to the expert, such a league is neatly unnecessary for Russian football.

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