Aug 7, 2022
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Offensive “X”: experts assessed the direction of the main attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A new topic for discussion has appeared in the Ukrainian media space: whether it is necessary for the military and political leadership of the country to announce the direction of the future counteroffensive of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU). Perhaps this is due to the fact that a powerful counterattack on Kherson has been announced in Kyiv for several weeks now. There is still no offensive, and this causes natural disappointment among Zelensky’s subjects. At the same time, a number of experts saw signs of deliberate disinformation in the statements about the “Kherson counteroffensive”.

The post of the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine in the social network was quoted by publicist Yulia Vityazeva. As an example of direct damage to the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the deputy minister cites arguments in the public sphere about “how to deceive the enemy with information.” For example, “if information is given that a UAF strike on such and such an object is planned,” then it can be aimed at ensuring that “the enemy concentrates its forces on a false object.”

A number of experts believe that the concern of the Ukrainian military official is not accidental, and Kyiv really would like to hide real plans for an offensive in other sectors of the front behind statements about the Kherson revenge. On what?

For example, military blogger Aleksey Sukonkin in his Telegram channel drew attention to the fact that “Ukrainian publics are actively shaking the topic that Russian troops in Kherson are preparing to retreat.”

“At the same time, observers note the concentration of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkov region,” he wrote. “In addition, Zelensky spoke about strengthening Kharkiv’s air defense.”

Therefore, the expert believes, “an attempt at a counteroffensive, most likely, will still take place in the Kharkov region, and all information about Kherson is a cover.”

Moreover, in his opinion, the “Kherson counter-offensive” ended before it began – “the Armed Forces of Ukraine got hit in the teeth, calmed down and retreated to their original positions, and in some places they fled from them.”

The author of the Telegram channel “Tramp of Gray Zones” agrees with this opinion. “Kharkov or Nikolaev? People who are a little oriented in the environment are more likely to start asking this question, the publication notes. “If the Ukrainian media replicate the attack on Kherson, draw attention to this direction, then they say much less about the Kharkiv direction.”

The author provides evidence of his version: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are accumulating equipment in the Shestakovo area along the Kharkov-Stary Saltov road; artillery systems were recorded in the industrial zones near Saltovka; the activity of the Ukrainian military on the southern outskirts of the village of Rubizhny and the accumulation of personnel in Cherkasy Tishki were noticed.

“Does all this mean that, using a distraction, Ukraine is preparing an offensive in a relatively unexpected place? It’s impossible to say for sure. But it seems to us that the already noisy Kharkov front will soon become even hotter, ”the author makes a forecast.

At the same time, not everything is so clear. So, military commander Mikhail Andronik posted the following information in his personal Telegram channel: “In the Nikolaev and Dnepropetrovsk regions, a shock group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of at least 10,000 military personnel is being accumulated, gathered from all over the country to attack the positions of Russian troops.” And in the same Nikolaev, a curfew has been declared: searches are being carried out at local residents who are found to be sympathetic to Russia. From Nikolaev and the Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk) it is most convenient to attack Kherson, which is under Russian control.

So, which section of the front will become the main one in the coming days – Kherson or Kharkov? It remains to be hoped that the Russian General Staff knows the exact answer to this question.

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