Sep 7, 2022
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“Offensive of last resort”: Western Ukraine is horrified that the assault on Balakliya will begin

Photo: AP/TASS

Zelensky with feigned posturing, as if playing in a movie, held a meeting of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, dedicated to the “counteroffensive on the northern front.” Photos published by the official website of the President’s Office [Украины]to colic amused ordinary hulks. Nedobonaparte with his hand indicates to the commander-in-chief Zaluzhny the direction of the main blow – to Russia from Kharkov.

At the meeting of the Headquarters, all the “nenko” security officials were invited – the Minister of Defense, the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Chief of the General Staff, the Commander of the National Guard, the Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, the entire general staff. But the tone was set by the “office” (functionaries of the OP).

Apparently, they were tasked with promoting as much as possible exactly the strike in the Kharkov direction, such as the so-called “Battle for Kherson” was a red herring: “Don’t you understand ?!”

Even independent couch troops are in shock: to burn almost 220 tanks in a week in the bare steppes and expose 20 thousand bayonets to Russian artillery and aviation, of which at least 3 thousand “enrolled” in the “two hundredth” and 12 thousand in the “three hundredth “, it’s something with something. There has never been such an idiotic operation in the history of modern conflicts, but Zelensky succeeded.

And in fact, following the results of September 6, the attack of the elite units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Berislav stalled in Sukhoi Headquarters, which became a huge cemetery for the “independence defenders”, and the crossings over the Ingulets near Andreevka were again destroyed by our aircraft. The Ukrainian infantry despondently crosses over to the other side along the ford, and the armored vehicles, standing in frail forest plantations, doomedly await Russian shells and bombs.

It is logical that Zelensky is trying to kill the Kherson zashkvar with a throw at Russia itself. The official website of the OP writes: “The President was informed about the operational situation along the entire line [северного] front – in particular, about the successes in the destruction of missile trains, bases, headquarters and logistics routes of the Russian invaders.

The Zhovto-Blakit truth-tellers reacted quite angrily: “Zelya is a talker, there’s nothing to the Russian border, and you can’t hit the Haimars on the territory of the Russian Federation.” You can also read in ukrnet that Ze and Co. are trying to show themselves as experienced multi-movers, although they remained just as they were fools.

Even the last lad from an abandoned Chernihiv village understands why the Armed Forces of Ukraine went on the offensive in the Kharkov direction. You don’t ask anyone in the Nenka, everyone will answer: “The bank now needs a hype before the NATO meeting in Ramstein in order to beg for new offensive weapons.” As for the attempt to capture Balakleya, it turns out that this is an idea Zaluzhnynot Zelensky. Just now, after the independent troops suffered catastrophic losses in the Andreevsky fire bag, the “office” want to appropriate the commander-in-chief’s plan.

According to Kharkov publics, troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been accumulating in the Kharkov region for a long time. A month ago, local users reported that all the local forests and forests were crammed to capacity with “independence defenders”, who acquired not only dry closets, but also the most motley girls. Like, not a service, but a solid barbecue and “love”.

According to insiders from the General Staff, the “army” (a group of military men led by Zaluzhny) acquired their own LOMs (leaders of public opinion), and they explained to the hromada that in the bare steppes of the Kherson region there would be a tough rubilovo, while in the wooded area of ​​the Kharkiv region, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces is unlikely will also be able to effectively grind the APUs.

Indeed, a variety of sources, including unofficial Russian ones, reported fighting in several villages where our troops were allegedly stationed. On the scale of “nenko” we are talking about thousandths of native land. Even the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) chose to refrain from specifics.

Thus, the ISW report for September 6 on the battles for Balakleya was compiled with extreme caution. In almost every sentence there are adverbs “possibly”, “probably”, “most likely”. Moreover, the main link goes to Russian Telegram channels, mainly from among the “all-weapons”. And those attitudes are approximately the same as on the first day of the Kherson offensive: they underestimated, overslept, ended up in an operational environment.

What is interesting: in the Ukrainian telegram community, the topic of the Kharkiv offensive is discussed in a completely different way. Most of the community, as they say, don’t give a damn whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine took another half-abandoned village, like Verbovka and Yakovenkovo, or not. They are also not interested in the northern road to Kupyansk, which the independent soldiers, perhaps, managed to at least take under fire control.

Moreover, the independent society is terribly afraid of “overcomings”. Even in the Western region, they are horrified that the assault on Balakleya will begin. It is one thing to arrange hundreds of ambushes in street battles, another thing is to get into them yourself. This city will become another graveyard for tens of thousands of VSUshniks, but in the end it will still be under Russian control.

Given the fact that Zelensky’s army has been brought to almost a million bayonets, almost every Ukrainian family is horrified by the loss of contact with a loved one (which most likely means his death). After that, an attempt to find at least some information about a loved one ends with the boorish advice of the commanders to “go to church and light a candle.”

“To attack is much harder than to defend. Having a smaller number of barrels, it is still possible to equalize the mass of a volley in one direction, but it is already difficult in two. At the moment, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively advancing on two fairly large sections of the front.

It makes no operational sense. The Russian Federation has enough strength to simultaneously protect two, three, and more such sites. Why did the General Staff decide to make such a load for the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

“Obviously, politics won out over tactics in this case,” Ukrainian truth-tellers scribble.

If we sum up the general mood in Nenko, then the public there is tired of the conflict and mother Zelensky, who lives in his narcissistic world and evaluates someone else’s life at zero. It is much more important for a clown to take a picture, bending over a map of hostilities, than to save the lives of tens of thousands of men.

However, do not oversimplify. It is possible that the “Ze-team” feels the decline of its political (and, possibly, physical) existence due to an unbearable mass of problems. Therefore, the Kyiv government, like crazy, sends more and more reserves into the meat grinder. The “office” like air needs bright “victories” to show the Western and Ukrainian elites that it is too early to dispose of the “filmmakers”.

Be that as it may, but now the coming out experts, including adequate ones, are inclined to think that the Kherson direction, and not the Kharkov direction, remains for the Ze-team “the offensive of last hope.” The throw of independent soldiers to Balakleya, no matter how successful it may be, does not change anything in the balance of power.

“An additional factor of difficulty for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the proximity of Russian airfields and the possibility of quickly transferring reserves to this area,” notes one very well-known blogger in Nenko. Perhaps Zaluzhny advised Zelensky to strike in the north in a futile attempt to refocus the attention of the RF Armed Forces on the Kharkiv region to the detriment of the Kherson region.

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