Jan 29, 2021
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Odessan who moved to Crimea called the new law invented in Ukraine delusional

Simferopol, January 29. A participant of the Odessa “anti-Maidan” who settled in Crimea and was forced to leave the city after the events of May 2, 2014, commented to the correspondent FAN a new Ukrainian bill depriving Ukrainian citizens with Russian passports of the right to vote.

Recall that on January 25, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine registered bill No. 4640, according to which citizens of Ukraine who have Russian citizenship (or, as they write, “the aggressor country”), are deprived of the right to vote either until they leave this citizenship, or until from the state of the aggressor status.

According to Aleksey Dragunov (surname and first name have been changed), if this bill is adopted, society in Ukraine will become even more polarized, since the authorities leave their citizens less and less opportunity to remain neutral in civil conflict.

“This is yet another desperate attempt to deny the existence of pro-Russian citizens in Ukraine. The law is inherently delusional, like many of the past. If this law is adopted, then “on paper” these people, as it were, will not exist. On the other hand, this attempt is so inept that it will only increase the already considerable split in society. In fact, people are leaving less and less opportunity to be neutral. And as recent opinion polls show, support for the Ukrainian ideology in the neighboring country is decreasing every day, ”the FAN interlocutor explained.

Earlier, FAN reported on the increased frequency of false mining of educational institutions in Odessa.

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