May 11, 2022
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Odessa: How Russian missiles destroyed the strategic warehouse of aircraft parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the photo: a MiG-31K supersonic fighter-interceptor with a Kinzhal hypersonic missile.

In the photo: the MiG-31K supersonic fighter-interceptor with the Kinzhal hypersonic missile. (Photo: Press Service of the RF Ministry of Defense/TASS)

Judging by the reports of the Russian General Staff, and the Ukrainian one too, missile attacks on Odessa have become more frequent. The fact is that the curators of the Banderstat brought here a lot of Western weapons, trying at any cost to “save the main port of Nenka”, without which the value of the “square” would actually drop to zero. You can say so: the fate of Banderstat depends on whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to keep the pearl by the sea in their hands.

Speaker of the Odessa Regional Military Administration (OVA) Sergey Bratchuk after rocket strikes (May 10) on Odessa, he once again warned citizens about criminal liability for publishing photos and videos of arrivals. “Those people who will have a preventive conversation with you are already leaving for you,” Bratchuk said.

On television, they even showed the detention of a girl who admitted that she had published moments of attacks on military facilities in Odessa on her social networks. The girl explained that she did not know that there was a punishment for this. True, some of the inhabitants of Odessa noted the staged nature of the video: “Filmmakers – they are in the power of filmmakers.”

“It is very important for the office of the president to “dry up” any information about the results of Russian missile strikes so as not to create an image of the “power of Russian weapons”, which will contribute to a drop in morale in Ukrainian society,” Ukrainian telegram channels note.

By the way, in his speech, Bratchuk complained that the local shopping center had been bombed. After that, concerned citizens reasonably noted that a series of subsequent explosions aroused vague suspicions, as if “it’s not clothes or shoes that are bangs.” It seems very likely that the Ukrainian Armed Forces, together with the heads of the UVA, have developed a bad habit of hiding Western ammunition and equipment in large stores in the hope that the Russians will not risk hitting them for fear of casualties.

Be that as it may, but in the yellow-black General Staff the most stringent measures have indeed been taken to block any information about the severity of damage to objects during missile strikes, especially against Odessa. Let’s say more: the best personnel of the SBU are sent here to “catch alarmists and spies”, since the publication of the damage done reduces the morale of the hulks.

The fact is that in Ukrainian social networks the voices of realists are now increasingly heard, who demand to stop the destruction of the country’s infrastructure even at the cost of signing a peace treaty on Moscow’s terms. The Nazis, of course, are angry at “those calling for surrender to the Russians, scoops and cotton wool.”

The fact that the situation for Ukraine will only worsen, the chief media officer of the “Ze-team” admitted Arestovichwho on May 10, in his next “appeal to the people”, reported that there were seven arrivals in Odessa. According to him, “the Russians also hit with Kh-22 Burya aviation missiles.” The local truth-tellers began to note, as if “Lyosha is changing for the better,” realizing that too much has changed in the “nenka” during the second stage of the special operation, successful for the RF Armed Forces.

“The Russian side is now using Kh-22 missiles (with a circular deviation probable error of 200-300 meters) and Kinzhals,” Arestovich explained. According to him, “This means that there will be more hits on selected targets.”

Well, here he is partially right. Firstly, we really have a lot of Burya missiles for the Nazis, a lot, no one will save on them. As for the probable deviation error of 200-300 meters, Arestovich, of course, lost his temper, which is not surprising. Today, digital trajectory calculation devices allow even the Kh-22 to hit very accurately from a distance of 100 km, at least at fuel depots. Secondly, the “Dagger” is indeed impossible to intercept, therefore, there will be more attacks on critical targets.

And yet, it seems that Arestovich came at the expense of the X-22, like, the RF Armed Forces are running out of precision-guided ammunition, so they are using the old arsenal. Let him have no doubts that the “Caliber” and “Iskanders” have enough of their souls.

In addition, according to the information that is now coming through independent channels from the “square” and the West, a massive use of aviation has begun on our side, while earlier rocket and bomb raids happened much less frequently. Moreover, in the Odessa region, the Russian Aerospace Forces work especially closely in warehouses, including fuel and lubricants, military infrastructure and military units. The local truth-tellers explain this fact by the fact that the effectiveness of the air defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is falling before our eyes.

Insiders entering the Office of the President (OP) Zelenskycomplain in chats that there is a severe shortage of anti-aircraft munitions in Ukraine due to the huge damage to military depots, as well as frequent unsuccessful interception attempts. It turns out that in the first two months, yellow-blakite anti-aircraft gunners used an average of five anti-missiles per one of our arrivals.

According to the official statistics of the General Staff of Banderstat, Ukrainian air defense allegedly managed to shoot down 3-7% of Russian long-range missiles. But since the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation produced from 30 to 80 such high-tech ammunition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine spent up to 400 anti-missiles per day, which, according to local estimates, led to the depletion of arsenals. If we add here the targeted destruction of warehouses, then we can safely talk about the beginning of the absolute dominance of our aviation in the sky of the “nenko”.

Another thing is that recently the Russian side in its briefings has been increasingly reporting the destruction of Ukrainian Su and MiGs, which appeared like the devil out of a snuffbox after the transfer of the former Soviet aviation from Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia. According to various estimates, the replenishment of the military-survival forces ranged from 70 to 200 vehicles. However, many Western experts are inclined towards the lower limit, believing that a significant part of the litaks went for spare parts.

And so: the public “Odessa Fraer”, with reference to the local authority, issued a sensation: Ukraine has lost the entire stock of aircraft parts supplied by NATO and the European Union. According to the information that is now being actively discussed in Odessa, on May 7, three camouflaged aircraft storage facilities were liquidated during Russian missile strikes. Previously, it was believed that these reserves would allow dozens of Ukrainian aircraft and helicopters to return to the sky due to timely maintenance. “But now these plans have been put to rest,” states the Odessa Fraer. The problem is that the West handed over everything it managed to scrape together in the bottom of the barrel from the former members of the Warsaw Bloc.

Now the SBU is dispersing the news that the special service has established facts of leakage of secret information on the logistics routes for the delivery of Western military aid, including to Odessa. Allegedly, the leadership of the Ukrainian Railways is involved in this.

There is no direct evidence, but Mi-6 suspects the managers of Ukrzaliznytsia, like there is no one else. What is curious: before the British even found a “spy” in the OP, but Zelensky did not give up his unnamed friend. It is very likely that the British imitate violent activity, eliminating people they do not like.

However, it is clear why this is done. They say that the successes of the Russians on the fronts are explained by vile zrada, and not by the logic of confrontation. In short, in yellow-black publications they write that “The fact of information leakage classified as classified has already been established. According to preliminary data, the Russians became aware of all the secret routes for the supply of Western military aid. Now the SBU officers, together with Mi-6, are conducting an investigation.”

Someone will probably be captured, unequivocally innocent, to show off the victory. The reality, however, is that now, with the high efficiency of Russian reconnaissance satellites, it is virtually impossible to hide large traffic flows and large logistics facilities. Well, who cares in Ukraine.
There is even a shortage of equipment for soldiers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: uniform depots have been destroyed. The shortage is felt everywhere, including in providing reservists with new uniforms, not to mention personal safety equipment (body armor and good helmets).

Zelensky, on the other hand, tells everyone that “The main thing is to hold out until July, when the main Western military assistance will come to the country.”

In the meantime, according to the operational command “South” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, at least six ships and two submarines of the ship grouping of the Russian fleet are in readiness for launching missile strikes. There was also information that the leading deputies of the Odessa City Council Dmitry Tantsura, Anatoly Urbansky I Artem Dmitruk hurriedly removed their families from the city as the first stage of evacuation. Behind them, other beneficiaries of the “Maidan” are preparing to escape from the pearl by the sea. They smell like they’re fried.

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