Jul 31, 2020
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“Obligation” in American style. Why does the US need a new law on military aid to Kiev?

A group of American congressmen has submitted to Congress a bill on the annual allocation of $ 300 million in military aid to Ukraine. It was decided to arrange financing in the form of a bill after the President of the United States Donald Trump froze it because of the weak progress made by Ukraine in the fight against corruption.

Opponents of Trump felt that in this way he punished Kiev for its unwillingness to initiate a case against the US presidential candidate Joe Biden.

How to stop the "rivers of champagne" in the Kremlin?

The new bill was introduced by Republican and Democratic members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Chairman Jim Richem and Bob Menendezas well as members of the House of Representatives Republicans Rob Portman and John Barrasso and democrats Chris Murphy and Gene Shaheen,

Most of them have long been dealing with the topic of “combating Russian aggression”. It is proposed to allocate money to Ukraine precisely for this. Mendendes, among other things, opposes the withdrawal of American troops from Germany. He believes that "champagne poured like a river in the Kremlin" after this decision by Trump.

In addition to $ 300 million in military funding, the new bill allows $ 4 million to be allocated for training Ukrainian military officers, requires a Pentagon and State Department report on the needs of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a security assistance plan, and also requires the appointment of a special envoy for Ukraine to replace the one who resigned a year ago. Kurt Volker,

Volcker left office after Donald Trump last year froze military aid to Ukraine, citing weak progress in the fight against corruption. However, opponents of the American president argued that the point was not at all the theft of Ukrainian officials, but in politics. Not long before that, facts of abuse by Trump's rival in the US presidential elections, Joe Biden, had been revealed in Ukraine, but Kiev decided to turn a blind eye to them.

Effective American manager

Joe Biden's Ukrainian adventures began in 2014 after Crimea became part of Russia. Then President of the United States Barack Obama instructed his deputy to personally deal with the Ukrainian issue. In two years, Biden has visited Ukraine at least 10 times. There he convinced the Ukrainian authorities that they must reduce their dependence on Russian natural gas.

In May 2014, Biden recommended attracting American top managers to work in the largest gas companies in Ukraine to improve the quality of work. Almost immediately, such a manager joined the board of directors of one of the largest private gas companies in Ukraine Burisma. And (what a coincidence!) It turned out to be the son of Mr. Biden hunter... In a statement, Burisma management said that he was invited to the company to "implement the best corporate practices." A reasonable question from some Ukrainian journalists whether there is nepotism in this was answered directly from the US State Department. They considered that there was no conflict of interest, because the son of the vice president was a private person.

In 2015, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Victor Shokin began to investigate the activities of the company. He was interested in what exactly Biden Jr. receives his salary for (in three months he earned $ 850 thousand). To this end, Shokin wanted to interrogate the son of the American vice president, but this did not come to this.

In December 2015, Biden Sr. spoke in the Verkhovna Rada, where he said that the Prosecutor General's Office was sabotaging the fight against corruption. A few months later, Shokin was dismissed, and Biden with a smile told how he forced Kiev to make this decision, threatening to deprive the country of loans. The last straw for the vice president was the decision of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office to file a motion to seize Burisma's property.

The law to be

This story may have remained unknown to anyone if Biden had not decided to run for president of the United States. It was raised by opponents of the democratic candidate, and Donald Trump, according to some information, even demanded from the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky launch an official investigation into Biden's activities in Ukraine. Because of his refusal, he allegedly refused to finance the Ukrainian army.

The bill was invented by the congressmen so that the financing of Ukraine would not depend on the increasingly fierce American internal political battles. Previously, he had to be approved in the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as in the White House.

“I think that this bill will be passed because a bipartisan consensus has been established in the United States on the issue of providing military assistance to Ukraine. We see that among its authors there are both Democrats and Republicans. Therefore, now Kiev, most likely, will receive money from the United States for the army on an ongoing basis, ”said program director of the Valdai Club Ivan Timofeev,

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