Oct 25, 2021
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Oatmeal – the whole truth about the morning porridge itself and what it needs to be combined with

Oatmeal - the whole truth about the morning porridge itself and what it needs to be combined with

Despite the obvious benefits, it is impossible to lose weight on oatmeal.

Eat oatmeal in the morning – and you will be healthy and vigorous throughout the day. These words are familiar to us from childhood. With the advent of fashionable instant cereals, it has become wrong to talk about the unconditional benefits of oatmeal. This is what experts think. So, in order to get benefits from oatmeal, you need to: be able to cook it correctly, take only oatmeal, it is cooked for at least 20 minutes, and know what products such porridge should be eaten with. Together with nutritionist Natalya Kiva, we will figure it out, writes Today.

Is oatmeal healthy or not?

“Oatmeal is one of the most useful for dietary nutrition. I want to note right away that we are not talking about cereals, but about oatmeal, which needs to be cooked for at least 20 minutes. It can be either whole grain or rolled. With such porridge we will get the maximum benefit, “says Natalya Kiva.

What are the health benefits of oatmeal?

To begin with, 100 g of oatmeal cooked in water contains only 88 kcal. Whole oatmeal is high in antioxidants. It contains the following essential trace elements:

  • iron
  • magnesium
  • copper
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • zinc
  • sodium
  • vitamins B1, B5, B6, B3, E, PP

How can oatmeal help the body?

Thanks to the antioxidants in oatmeal, some of them are even found in cosmetics to reduce irritation. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. The fiber in whole grains helps relieve constipation.

Can you lose weight with oatmeal?

If you are in the process of losing weight, you should not hope for results by eating oatmeal every day. Unless you are an athlete or do hard physical labor. For all its usefulness, it is a carbohydrate.

What should you eat oatmeal with?

For proper healthy weight loss and for health, I recommend using small amounts for breakfast, always with a protein dish, for example, an egg or cheese. Or for lunch with a good portion of vegetables. Boil in water, adding spices, herbs, olive oil or fruits, berries to taste.

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