Nov 13, 2021
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Nyusha told why she doesn’t want to give birth in Moscow


Singer Nyusha spoke about postpartum depression and jealousy of children.

Soon the long-awaited son will appear in the singer’s family. In the meantime, Nyusha is in Dubai awaiting childbirth. The performer is frightened by the cold and lack of sun in her native Moscow.

Nyusha’s daughter was also born in warm regions. The artist, who is preparing to become a mother for the second time, does not intend to change this tradition. “It’s winter in Russia now. I have a pretty big belly. I can’t imagine how I will be walking in cold weather for a few more months. In Russia, the day is short and the sun is generally absent for a long time“, – explained the 31-year-old star in her personal blog.

The singer also noted that she is not averse to traveling during pregnancy, because she is not used to sitting in one place, even while waiting for a baby.

Pregnant singer Nyusha
Pregnant singer Nyusha

Nyusha’s second pregnancy is also proceeding well, and the performer, according to her, does not yet know what postpartum depression is. “I didn’t have that. How will it be this time – I don’t know“, – said the singer.

Recall that the artist has been in a relationship with Igor Sivov for more than four years. In November 2018, the couple had a daughter, Simba. Now fans of Nyusha can only guess what the spouses will call their son.

At a minimum, the name should not be inferior in originality to the first. Shimbusya is still little and is not yet very aware that she will soon have a brother or sister. I hope that our children will definitely not have to compete for attention.“, – reasoned the star.

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