Sep 17, 2022
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Nyusha showed her grown son and daughter


Singer Nyusha shared a rare photo with her grown son Saffron.

Nyusha is a famous performer in Russia. For many years, the artist has been devoting creativity and boasts a large number of hits. But at the same time, in recent years, the artist devotes most of her time to her family. She is happily married to Igor Sivov, to whom she gave her daughter Seraphim-Simba. And last year they had a son, Saffron.

Nyusha has been living in Dubai for several months now. However, she also travels a lot and comes to Russia. The singer recently ended up in Moscow again. While she rarely gives concerts, she has already returned to the stage after the decree. The artist demonstrates fashionable images with a leather jacket. She appears at awards and parties.

But on September 17, Nyusha shared pictures with her children. She photographed her grown daughter in pajamas with leopards. The girl was holding a toy in the form of an owl. “Similar?‘ the singer asked. She also photographed her grown son. The boy was sitting on a rug with sliders. Saffron examined the ukuleles.

Simba and Saffron Siwovi
Simba and Saffron Siwovi

Fans were amazed by the touching footage. Many noted that the daughter is a copy of her mother. Others have noticed that the star’s son has chubby cheeks. Although while his face she prefers not to show.

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