Jun 11, 2022
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NYT: US does not know how many troops and equipment Ukraine has lost

“We are setting ourselves up for another intelligence failure”

The lack of information about the state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the government’s strategy in the Donbass have created dark spots for the United States. The US does not have a clear understanding of Ukraine’s military strategy, officials say. writes New York once.

Like the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky constantly publishes information on social networks about Russia’s NMD in Ukraine, and videos show the effectiveness of Western weapons in the hands of Ukrainian security forces. In any case, it seems so.

But despite the bountiful flow of official news, American intelligence agencies have less information than they would like about Ukraine’s operations and a much better understanding of the Russian military, its operations, successes and failures.

For operational security purposes, information is often withheld from the public. But these information gaps for the Biden administration could influence the decision on how much military assistance should be provided to Ukraine, the article says. CURRENTLY.

US officials said the Ukrainian government provided them with little classified information or details about their operational plans. The Ukrainian side acknowledged this.

“How much do we really know about how things are in Ukraine?” asked Beth Sanner, a former high-ranking intelligence officer. “Is it possible to find a person who will tell you with certainty how many troops and equipment Ukraine has lost?”

But even without a full understanding of the military strategy and situation in Ukraine, the Biden administration promised Ukraine multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS).

Some European analysts believe that it will be difficult or almost impossible for Ukraine to regain the lands lost after the start of a special military operation. However, US intelligence agencies are less pessimistic. However, there are huge cracks in Ukraine’s defense.

Avril D. HaynesDirector of National Intelligence, stated that “very hard to say”, what amount of additional assistance Ukraine can accept.

She added: “In fact, we have more information, probably from the Russian side than from the Ukrainian side.”

One of the key questions is what Zelenskiy intends to do in the Donbas. There, Ukraine faces a strategic choice: withdraw its troops or risk encirclement.

Zelensky called the fighting in Severodonetsk, a city that is key to controlling the Donbass, “extremely difficult”. He also admitted that up to 100 Ukrainian soldiers die daily, writes CURRENTLY.

According to the analyst Stephen BiddleProfessor of International Relations, Columbia University “Zelensky will have to explain to the Ukrainian people why he decided to withdraw troops from Severodonetsk, or explain the losses they might suffer if they stay.”

Ukraine, according to officials, wants to show the appearance of a strong state both for the public and for its close partners. In essence, Ukrainian officials are unwilling to provide information that could prompt the US and other Western partners to slow down or stop arms transfers, the article says.

According to Dr. Biddle, Ukraine has good reasons not to speak frankly about its forces or military strategy.

“I am not sure that it is in the interests of the American or Ukrainian public that Ukrainians openly report their losses if this will strengthen Russia’s military position as a result,” Dr. Biddle said. “But that means we don’t really know the situations of both sides.”

If Russia moves any further, a failure to understand the state of the Ukrainian military could spark accusations against the intelligence community that it has failed to convey to politicians the full picture of Ukraine’s war prospects, Sanner said.

“We are not talking about whether Ukraine can defeat them. And it seems to me that we are setting ourselves up for another intelligence failure without talking about it publicly, ” she concluded.

Our comment: American intelligence is not in vain worried – the Ukrainian authorities are lying recklessly to the West. So, with regard to Severodonetsk, “the city that is key to control over the Donbass”, at the time of publication of the article in New York oncecontrol of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over it was actually lost, the battles were already going on in the industrial zone, and now there remains a small number of Ukrainian militants and foreign mercenaries who are trying to agree on the possibility of a safe exit, holding the civilian population of the city hostage. That is, it is already too late for Zelensky to “explain something to the Ukrainian people.”

Maybe for the time being, American intelligence should start to carefully read Telegram channels, including sane Ukrainian ones, which seem to know more information than the United States receives from Zelensky and his camarilla?

But we dare to assume that everything will remain as it is: the “Ze team” will continue to lie, the United States will continue to supply Ukraine with “deadly aid”.

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