Jun 1, 2022
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NYT: The US is pulling out of the Ukrainian game

NYT: The US is pulling out of the Ukrainian game

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Many yellow-black experts drew attention to the Financial Times article “What is the ultimate goal of America (in Ukraine)”. The publication directly states that the Western allies do not understand what the Americans want to achieve in the “square”.

At first glance, it seems that the Yankees are ready to go to great lengths to win the Ze-team. However, the star-striped military assistance is carefully “calibrated”, which, according to FT analysts, will not allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to defeat the RF Armed Forces. But this may have been done deliberately to chalk up Kyiv’s expected defeat to the “balanced policy” of the Biden administration, which appears to have benefited from avoiding a nuclear war with the Russians. Well, then the sanctions will do their job.

The Financial Times, relying on the opinion of a number of its speakers, suggests that “the United States deliberately blurs its goals, while European partners really want certainty.” This is also what the Ukrainians want, who are becoming increasingly irritable as real Western support wanes.

Moreover, the “Ze-team” is literally freaking out. In particular, Arestovichthe chief media worker of the Kyiv regime, raises the degree of aggression against the star-striped host.

If a week ago the leader of the “Chernobaevka Witnesses Sect” allowed himself a mild attack on Uncle Sam in the form of a reproach: “Do you still need us, as it were? Or is it all already?”, now he promises to arrange an exemplary hysteria (if the United States does not supply the Ukrainian troops with MLRS). The calculation is clearly being made on the Russophobic layers of the star-striped society, although in general the Yankees and other British and Germans for the most part do not care about the bulk.

Ukrnet even saw a curious evolution of headlines in the British Telegraph. If from February 24 to May 5 the British wrote that “Russia is losing to the West in its own game”, then from May 12 the article “For the victory over Putin we will have to pay a high price”, and already on May 26, the publication “Putin is about to win a shocking victory” appeared.

“It looks like something to our Lyokha Arestovich. Although, why be surprised, there is only one training manual, ”Ukrainian truth-tellers reacted with humor.

Okay, FT and Telegraph are the cream of the British press, reflecting the interests of the English financial aristocracy. Much more important is what the American mainstream media writes that promote the views of the Democratic Party and the owner of the White House. And here, too, similar notes are heard – the training manual is really one.

Thus, on May 11, The New York Times published an article in which it was acknowledged for the first time that not everything is going well for the United States in Ukrainian history, as previously advertised in the overseas press.

Then, on May 19, the editorial board of the NYT, essentially a magisterium of local political professors, said that a “complete victory” over Russia was impossible and that Ukraine would have to negotiate peace in a way that reflected a “realistic assessment” and “limits” of commitments. USA. Immediately overseas talking heads explained to those who did not particularly understand in Ukraine that the statement of the New York Times should not be taken lightly by the Ze-team.

On the one hand, the Yankees ritually talk about the victory of Ukraine, but on the other hand, “After all, this (the defeat of the RF Armed Forces is ed.) is still not in America’s interest to plunge into all-out war with Russia, even if peace talks may require Ukraine to make some difficult decisions.” This NYT draft shouldn’t be taken literally, although it’s hard to disagree with the logic in general. The United States is well aware that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will never defeat the “second army of the world”, especially when you consider that about a tenth of the RF Armed Forces takes part in the special operation.

By the way, in the US, the NYT newspaper is the No. 1 public opinion leader, which forms the views on this or that situation in about 60-70% of Americans. So, ordinary Yankees should note for themselves somewhere in their brains that “A decisive military victory of Ukraine over Russia, in which Ukraine will regain all the territory controlled by Russia since 2014, is not a realistic goal … Russia remains too strong …”

And generally speaking, “Biden must also make it clear to the President Vladimir Zelensky and its people that there is a limit to how far the United States and NATO will go to oppose Russia, and limits to the weapons, money, and political support they can muster.”

Many experts in Ukraine heard this signal. A number of bloggers popular in the “square”, including openly Sorosyat ones, began to loudly facebook * that the economic situation not only in the “nenko”, but also in the world is deteriorating, which means that the country and all other states need a respite. Like, it’s not about a defeat (defeat – on the move), but about a pause in the conflict. Say, now the most important thing is not to worsen the situation on the fronts.

Since not all of the “Ze-team”, including the head of the OP Yermak and Minister of Propaganda Arestovich, is friends with his head, sharp voices were heard in the West against the Kyiv regime. Say, the Yankees and Europeans can not only promote, but also lower them to the sinful earth. Thus, the British political scientist Patrick Henningsen especially for the American Institute for Peace and Prosperity named after Ron Paul, he chopped the truth-womb.

According to him, “Ukraine in a few months of hostilities risks losing as much military as the United States in ten years in Vietnam.” But these are still flowers, and here are the berries – Zelensky’s victory in this conflict is “absolute fantasy and nonsense of the highest degree”, but in the West they still believe in the success of Ukraine, because this is how the mainstream media present the situation, from the propaganda of which “Goebbels began to spin head.” The conclusion is this: Ukraine is not just losing, but is moving towards a historical collapse.

In this regard, the answer to the question of what will happen next is beginning to take on a more or less clear shape for some in the West. If everything is clear with the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the Ukrainian army is holding on to its last breath, now a lot depends on the position of Russia. According to the chronology of the American Institute for the Study of War, Moscow, during the second stage of the special military operation, unequivocally adheres to the practice of saving manpower, putting it in priority over victorious reports.

Hence, a barely noticeable progress forward, for example, in closing the ring around the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration. This means that in the summer term, in the actions of the RF Armed Forces, everything will be extremely cautious and without deep cavalry raids into the depths of the “nenko”. In short, here it is appropriate to recall a bearded anecdote: “We will slowly, slowly go down the mountain …”.

With this in mind, one can find noteworthy forecasts in Ukrainian telegram channels. Zhovto-Blakitnye truth-bearers are sure that Moscow will continue to play for time until autumn, knowing that Russia has three allies: the army, navy and General Frost. The passage of the winter season 2022/2023 in the conditions of hostilities for the “Ze-team” will become a nationwide disaster, and the blockade of Odessa will deprive Kyiv of export earnings from the sale of grain.

Consequently, the likelihood of an anti-war “Maidan” is sharply increasing, when the hromadas will demand peace, even if they have to make territorial concessions and a neutral status. This is where they will remember what the NYT newspaper wrote about. Moreover, the situation may develop in such a way that other Ukrainian authorities will begin to negotiate with the Kremlin, which will agree to both denazification and demilitarization, and even the second state language – Russian.

And what is America? The smart people are sure that Washington will definitely not remove all sanctions from the Russian Federation and will convince the yellow-Blakit people that not everything is lost for the “square”. Like, you need to wait until people rebel in Russia, and then, in exchange for lifting the economic embargo, the Kremlin will give back. Such a position will allow Biden to save face, Putin to declare his victory, and Maidan Kyiv to save Ukraine as a “not Russia” project. As they say, and the wolves will be full, and the sheep will remain intact, almost intact. For a while.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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