Oct 4, 2021
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NYT: Saakashvili in Georgia – “The show must go on”!

“It is enough to look at his smile during his arrest to understand that the performance will continue.”

“Mikhail Saakashvili, the former president of Georgia and once a prominent political figure in post-Soviet countries, was arrested after secretly returning to his homeland, where he had not been for eight years, on charges he described as politically motivated.”

– the newspaper says New York Times (New York Times)

The publication notes that the return of Mr. Saakashvili to Georgia, like most of his tenure in power, was too much like another theatrical performance on a political theme. No one doubts that he knew in advance: after returning to his homeland, he would immediately go to prison, but this did not stop him. On the contrary, he tried to present this event as a real show and, it should be noted, he quite succeeded.

The author of the article Andrew E. Kramer (Andrew Kramer), Moscow bureau correspondent New York Times, recalls that Saakashvili, being in recent years on the territory of Ukraine, whose citizenship he received, constantly criticized the Georgian government, predicting its imminent fall. More than once, the former president promised to return to Georgia, and even showed a plane ticket. His associates were ready to meet Saakashvili at the airport to protect him from imminent arrest. However, the ex-president put on a real show, secretly arriving in the country and reporting it on social media.

Georgian law enforcement agencies claim that from the very beginning they knew Saakashvili’s whereabouts and were only waiting for a convenient moment for his arrest.

Everything ended as expected – the police came to the house where Saakashvili was hiding and sent the former president to prison, since there are already court decisions in two criminal cases against him.

The publication notes that he was hiding in the house of a senior researcher at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies. Shota Utiashvili, who was a former official in the Saakashvili government.

“He knew that he would be arrested, but he decided to come anyway to support his United National Movement party. He was often called a coward, and he decided to prove the opposite, “

– quotes NOW Utiashvili.

After fleeing Georgia, Mr. Saakashvili lived for some time in Brooklyn, tells the publication about the adventures of the fugitive Georgian president in recent years, then took up politics in Ukraine, where he managed to quarrel with the authorities, after which he fled over Kiev roofs, was caught, arrested and expelled from the country. After the change of government, he returned to Ukraine, where more than once he became the culprit of conflicts between Kiev and Tbilisi.

“It is not clear what this” political artist “will suit in Georgia now, but it is enough to look at his smiling face when he was arrested to understand that the performance will continue”,

– makes a conclusion New York Times

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